Society of Sound – WOMAD 2018

Moonlight Benjamin at WOMAD 2018. Photo: York Tillyer

Following the announcement last week that Society of Sound is to come to an end next month, there are still a couple of releases for subscribers to enjoy, before the curtain finally falls. The first of those is the February release, which is a compilation of artists who performed at the WOMAD Festival in 2018.

Within the eclectic musical landscape that already marks WOMAD out as a champion of music and culture from around world, there is a corner of the Charlton Park site that still managed to carve out its own distinctive contribution to the musical palette; a new stage dedicated to experimental sounds.

The programming for the stage in July 2018 featured innovative composition and performance, artists in conversation, new jazz flavours, the intersection of music and technology and late night dancing. Lots of dancing. This compilation captures the essence of that weekend and is a remarkable aural adventure. Join the audience as they become immersed in everything from the eerie sound of the black grouse in a natural sound recording from the remote Scottish landscape, to the transcendent release of Colombian techno.

Featured throughout are artists who are breaking new ground in the realms of experimental, virtuoso performances using technology to push the boundaries of what one performer and their instrument can do.

Artists featured are: Jennie Abrahamson, Rob Lewis, Caiomhín Ó Raghallaigh, Erland Cooper, Chris Watson, Richard Spaven, Moonlight Benjamin, Deep Deep Water & Mitú.

Find out more and subscribers can download here.