DNA: The Evolution of the Songs from ‘So’

Peter Gabriel’s engineer, Richard ‘Dickie’ Chappell, explains the thinking behind the ‘So DNA’ disc included in the 25th Anniversary edition box set. Digging into the archives Peter and Dickie found many different versions of the material that eventually appeared on So.

Peter decided to include some of the extracts from early cassettes and half inch tapes when ideas were being formed.

Track by track the songs unfold from their early beginnings to the full production. Dickie explains this painstaking archiving process and goes on to talk about the three exclusive songs on the 12″ vinyl included in the box set. ‘Segarada’, ‘Courage’ and ‘Don’t Give Up (alternative version)’ all have a place in the history of ‘So’ and Dickie tells us why.

The So 25th Anniversary Box Set, released in 2012