Play – The Videos

Released 25th October, 2004

Play – The Videos, is a collection of 23 of Peter’s videos up to 2004 and originally released in the October of that year.

The compilation features fully restored visuals and amazing sounding 5.1 mixes by Peter, Daniel Lanois and Richard Chappell. There are also three bonus videos (also with full 5.1 surround mixes).

The 5.1 mixes are presented in a DTS format that is at full 24bit/96khz surround for the ultimate audiophile experience. In addition, Dolby 5.1 and Dolby Stereo soundtracks are also available.

In the liner notes for the DVD, written by Peter in September 2004, he says

“Earlier this year I was asked if I would be interested to put together a DVD of the videos that we created over the last 25 years.

Although I believe that music can stand more repetition than video and music together, I have always been excited by the idea of putting pictures to music. As a big film fan, some of my favourite directors have often managed to mix music and image very powerfully. Many music videos are now made to a tried and tested formula. I was lucky to start early and have been able to continue working with people more interested in innovation than churning out more of the same. I love collaboration with inventive, visual people to put pictures to these songs.”

Currently, Play – The Videos is available as the bonus disc on the DVD and Blu-ray release of Live In Athens.

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