deutsches album

Released 1st November, 1982

deutsches album is the German language version of Peter’s fourth self-titled album. It was released shortly after the English language version, in November 1982.

Peter worked again with Horst Königstein, who had provided translations for the ein deutsches album, to make sure the German language lyrics were more than simple translations from the originals. The language not only conveys the meaning and intended imagery of each song but also allows the words to contribute to the musicality of the record.

As with ein deutsches album, Peter used the opportunity presented by this record to re-work the music as well as change the language of delivery. As a result there are noticeable musical differences compared to the English language edition.

The album also boasts a slightly different running order from the international edition, with San Jacinto and The Family and the Fishing Net (Das Fischernetz) swapping positions on side 1.

You can read more about Peter’s motivation for recording the album in German on the release page for ein deutsches album.