Released 12th October, 1987

CV was a VHS and Laserdisc promo video compilation originally released in 1987.

It was Peter’s first video compilation release and came off the back of the enormous success of the So album. All the videos from that record were present; Big Time, Sledgehammer, Don’t Give Up, Mercy Street and Red Rain but it also contained a couple of notable videos from previous albums; Shock the Monkey and I Don’t Remember.

An alternate version of the Don’t Give Up video, directed by Jim Blashfield, was also included.

In keeping with the rest of the So album campaign the CV cover was designed by Peter Saville.

Total running time: 40 minutes.

Big Time, directed by Stephen R. Johnson
Don’t Give Up (2), directed by Jim Blashfield
Shock the Monkey, directed by Brian Grant
Mercy Street, directed by Matt Mahurin
Sledgehammer, directed by Stephen R. Johnson
I Don’t Remember, directed by Marcello Anciano
Red Rain, directed by Matt Mahurin
Don’t Give Up (1), directed by Godley and Creme

No longer available, CV was superseded by the more expansive video compilation PLAY  which as released in October 2004.