Released 4th November, 2013

A lost track from Peter Gabriel’s fifth studio album So.

Courage was very much part of the album recording sessions for the So album but was never finished. It only saw the light of day for the first time as part of the So 25th Anniversary Box Set, released on 2013, in its unfinished form.

In 2014 the track was mixed by Tchad Blake with new overdubs by Peter and long-term guitarist David Rhodes and finally, some 25 years later, it was finished.  The new version was released to support the European leg of Peter’s Back To Front Tour.

The digital single release also comes with a remix of Courage by renowned remixer and producer Steve Osborne entitled The Hexidecimal Mix.

“When ‘So’ drew to a close I didn’t feel the song was delivering in the way I had hoped, so decided not to include it. When we were reviewing all the material from that time [for the Box Set], we wanted to take a fresh look at it and get it finished. I always liked the track and very much enjoyed the playing on it, especially the energy of the drums”

The full length version of the track and the remix can also be found on the digital compilation album Flotsam and Jetsam.