WITNESS: Seeing is Believing

This year, WITNESS has listened closely to frontline defenders to understand their needs.

WITNESS has created guidance, tools, and solutions that have been shared with millions of people around the world facing similar threats and challenges. Helping individuals tell stories with impact and ensuring the larger systems are more human rights friendly.

“This year, the world has seen unprecedented challenges: attacks on human rights and its defenders, an existential crisis around the climate, and a proliferation of mis- and disinformation. But I’m incredibly proud of what WITNESS has been able to do working closely and collaboratively with groups on the frontlines.” — Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm, WITNESS’ Executive Director

Together with their partners, WITNESS ensures that the truth is not compromised, the right voices are heard, and bad actors are held accountable for the crimes they commit.

WITNESS believes video and technology are transformative tools to create a just world and have been at the forefront of driving change across the globe for nearly 30 years.

You can support their work to build a future together that protects the planet and celebrates universal human rights here.