WITNESS Donation Matching

If we have learned one lesson in this turbulent year 2020, it is that we can never, ever take democracy for granted.

This year showed us how powerful eyewitness videos of police violence, captured and shared by ordinary people, can be in galvanizing demands for justice and anti-racism movements around the world.

And that when a global pandemic strikes, it makes deeply rooted inequalities in our society painfully visible, hitting already marginalized communities the hardest.

Thanks to your support, WITNESS did not skip a beat. They are working on the frontlines of change to confront these emerging threats, nimbly and effectively.

We’re asking you now to build on that momentum with a gift of any amount to support our work around the world.

From Minneapolis to Lagos to the Ecuadorian rainforest, WITNESS equip thousands of brave activists and communities around the world with the tools and skills to call out bad actors and demand accountability.

And right now your support can go further. Thanks to a generous donation by an anonymous donor, your gift to WITNESS will be doubled up to $15,000 until December 31st. 

You can help WITNESS not only to raise their voices but help turn an era of video evidence into concrete policy changes and justice for survivors of human rights abuse. Their work depends on your generosity.

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