The Quest features Solsbury Hill

George Clooney and Natalie Dormer filming the Nespresso ad ‘The Quest’.

My wife and I learned about the amazing work of Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg treating children with autism spectrum disorder with cord blood stem cells and found it really inspiring.

As a Great Uncle to a child with ASD, we looked for a way to bring this pioneering work to the UK.

When I was offered the Nespresso advert it seemed like a great opportunity to kickstart fund-raising.

All the money from this use of my music will be used to help make this happen.

– Peter Gabriel

‘The Quest’ is a 60-second TV commercial, which uses Peter Gabriel’s song ‘Solsbury Hill’. The advert is set in a medieval castle and George Clooney plays an honourable knight to a formidable queen. After slaying a dragon to save the Queen’s kingdom, George is offered a reward, which sets him off on a quest to find something he truly desires. His pursuit takes him from a medieval court to a movie theatre and on a double decker bus, proving he will stop at nothing to find his beloved Nespresso.

You can see more about the work of Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg in this video: Progress in Using Stem Cells to Treat Autism and Cerebral Palsy