The Dark-Side of Panopticom revealed

The Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix) has been released today, 21 January, on the new moon.

The plan is for all the songs from i/o – that are released each month – to come with both a Bright-Side and Dark-Side Mix, with releases on the full and new moons. This Dark-Side Mix is by Tchad Blake, who previously mixed Peter’s Up album.

Peter explains things further:

I’m lucky to have two of the world’s best mix engineers; Tchad Blake and Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, working with me on the music from i/o. Rather than choosing only one of their mixes to release I have decided that people should be able to hear all the great work that they are both doing.

I intend to ask them to mix each month’s song, with Spike’s mixes being called the Bright-Side and Tchad’s the Dark-Side. Whether you hear the Bright-Side or the Dark-Side first will vary each full moon, depending on the order we decide to release them.

I know this amount of detail is not for everyone, but I hope those that are into their music production will enjoy their different interpretations – pg.

Listen to the Dark-Side Mix