Terry O’Neill

Very sad to learn of the loss of a great photographer, Terry O’Neill, some of whose images helped define the Sixties and whom I was lucky enough to work with.

Music, film and fashion photography seems to attract rebellious independent and irreverent personalities. Terry O’Neill was one of those.

When I told him I wanted to be shot, smoking a cigarette under-water, he was not in the least fazed. He found a place in London – an old Seventies disco with coloured lights and a mini pool in the centre of it, which I’m sure they would fill with scantily dressed young ladies in a very non-PC Hefner way. I jumped into this pool to get filmed, only to discover that the lights had shorted and received quite a shock.

He knew how to get the best out of his subjects and his shots and leaves behind some extraordinary work.

– Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel by Terry O'Neill

Peter Gabriel photographed by Terry O’Neill.