Society of Sound: September


This month Bowers & Wilkins celebrates the 100th Society of Sound release with Peter Gabriel’s album Passion. A landmark release for the musical collaboration between Bowers & Wilkins, Peter and Real World Records that began in May 2008.

Passion itself first emerged from the newly formed Real World Records in June 1989. The album is an extension of the score that Peter had created for Martin Scorsese’s film The Last Temptation Of Christ, which had been released amongst some controversy the previous summer.

The album is an ambient, evocative soundscape that draws from unorthodox musical sources from across the globe. Despite the assembled nationalities, the score’s atmosphere was predominantly North African/Middle Eastern. Peter was keen to create, “something that had references to that time and part of the world, but [that] really had its own character, and was to be sort of timeless in a way”.

He was also keen to create a score that found its essence in the real world. “Normally Biblical films have this distant sheen,” Peter explained to The Musician magazine, “a sort of hallowed glow, and the people are already halfway to becoming angels. The idea here was to give a sense of what it would be really like for these fishermen and herdsmen, real working-class or blue-collar people. They tend to be forgotten.”

Nearly 30 years after its release, Passion is now available to subscribers of Society of Sound as a high-resolution download, the first time it has been available in such a high quality definition.

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