Society of Sound: Low Island

The Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound release for April comes from Oxford quartet Low Island, a band a lifetime in the making. Carlos Posada (vocals, guitar, keys), Jacob Lively (bass) and Felix Higginbottom (drums, percussion) met at primary school, meeting Jamie Jay (vocals, guitar, keys) in their early teens.

Influenced as much by their time DJing House and Techno music as they are by the various indie bands the members have played in, Low Island’s songs gracefully morph from exhilarating electronica to glacial, minimalist soundscapes; experimental, claustrophobic rock to expansive grooves.

In less than a year, they have already released 12 tracks over two EPs and standalone single releases and this month’s Society of Sound album is a selection of these songs.

“The music industry is supposed to be a crazy and bonkers environment,” says Jay, “but it’s become more established in how you’re supposed to go about things, which I think is sending people to sleep”.

Low Island are always looking for ways to keep it fresh, for new ways to turn things on their head. This exciting young quartet are ready to seize their moment.

Find out more about Low Island and download the album at Society of Sound