So – In or Out?


This is an enormously important moment for our country, for the future of Europe and for the peace of the world.

It’s all too easy to forget Europe’s bloody history. There is nothing more important to our country and our families than securing and maintaining peace.

Isolating the UK puts us at risk and a Brexit may start a chain reaction that rapidly spreads nationalism, isolationism and racism across Europe, breaking it up for good – and leaving it so weak that those with dark ambitions see a Brexit vote as a green light – Putin, for example, might well continue what he has already started in Ukraine into the Baltic States and beyond without any real risk of retribution.

Together, Europe is an economic political and military presence that must be listened to.

It is pure fantasy to imagine we could have that sort of clout on our own.

Those days are long gone.

Immigration brings up real issues and fears which need to be urgently addressed across Europe, but each country creating their own completely disconnected policies will cause havoc and extraordinary suffering, with each country once again living behind barricades, fences and walls. I don’t believe those wanting Out really want to live like that.

We need to reform Brussels from the inside where we have some real influence, once out, we would still have to follow most of what Brussels requires of us in order to trade with Europe, without any means of changing what we don’t like.

There are also many examples of trans-European projects that are already paying off, in science, healthcare, technology, energy, transport and space, these would be badly impacted if we return to the old ways with every country funding and creating its own independent nationalistic project.

There are some football players who daydream that they could win their matches entirely on their own, in reality, they do much better as part of a team. So will we.

We can choose a backward-looking world that is based on hate, fear and isolation or a forward-looking world that is based on hope, trust and collaboration.

Please vote for hope.

– pg