Rated PG CD + LP Released


Rated PG is released today on CD + LP. It’s already available to stream and download.

The album is an opportunity to bring together in one place a selection of songs written especially for, or used to notable effect in, movies and includes new and previously unreleased versions, otherwise unavailable songs and a new track.

For me the pleasure [of Rated PG] is remembering some of the songs – and there were certain versions that were done for film – so there are bits that people haven’t heard before. It’s nice to see a different way of tying things together. They all had these links with film, maybe they’ve been useful in presenting different emotions or been chosen because they fit for particular audiences, so there’s some logic to it.

We always search for patterns and if you stick things together you’ll find meaning in it even it was just random, but I like that, I think it’s a great thing that life offers us.

I’m a big film groupie and I still love working with great directors and seeing noises that I have made up with films that I am enjoying watching, so that’s still a buzz for me.

– pg

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