Plays Live vinyl Out Today

The vinyl re-issue of Plays Live is released today.

Peter Gabriel’s first live album from 1983, the album was compiled from live recordings made at four venues across the American Midwest in late 1982. It is effectively a sign-off to the first phase of Peter Gabriel the solo artist and a celebration of all that was achieved on his opening quartet of self-titled long-players, while also standing as confirmation that Peter was an engaged and engaging frontman.

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The audio has been half speed remastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering, whilst the artwork replicates the original vinyl release with all imagery newly re-scanned, including the immediately recognisable cover image by Armando Gallo. Below, Armando who tells us a bit about taking the cover image below.

It was taken at The Universal Amphitheater in Studio City, Los Angeles, Dec 1982. Peter played two shows there and this photo is from the first show. The audience was seated with a large space between the front row and the stage. When it came to the moment where Peter used to dive on top of the audience, it was clear that this wasn’t going to happen.

Looking up and raising his right arm, the blue of his eyes came clear into the light. A rare moment of stillness and I shot the photo before he came down from the stage and started walking over the seats and into the crowd of the first few rows. When I walk off the stage I relate to people one to one, Peter told me. I am vulnerable. 

Unfortunately, some delays at the vinyl pressing plant mean we have to move the Live in Athens and Secret World Live release dates by a few weeks. Here are the revised release dates for these albums. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Live In Athens 1987 moves to 16 October (was 25 September)
Secret World Live moves to 6 November (was 23 October)
Growing Up Live stays on 27 November