Playing For Time Bright-Side & In-Side Mixes

As you’ll be getting used to by now, the new song being released each month comes with three mixes. Hopefully you have already been enjoying the Dark-Side Mix of Playing For Time, released on the full moon.

Today, the new moon sees the release of Playing For Time (Bright-Side Mix), by Spike Stent as well as Playing For Time (In-Side Mix) by Hans-Martin Buff.


I started thinking about chromatic scales, where you just move up and down the semi-tones. It’s quite traditional, not something I’ve done very much of and I was intrigued to see if I could get a song that was written in that way. It began just with some chords and thenĀ I was trying to get a melody that was, in some ways, retro. I remember Kubrick always said, that if you want the future to be credible then include the past, so sometimes I think it is good to look back and to look forward and try and do that simultaneously.

Cover image: Mes voeux (avec nos cheveux) by Annette Messager