Olive Tree: Dark & In-Side mixes released

The new moon, Wednesday 16 August, sees the release of the Dark-Side and In-Side mixes of Olive Tree. The Dark-Side mix is by Tchad Blake and the In-Side mix comes from Hans-Martin Buff.


Written and produced by Peter Gabriel, Olive Tree is another song about connection, both how we interact with nature and the other species around us, but also a greater sensitivity to the potential for broadening human experience.

The song features a string arrangement from John Metcalfe, with further contributions from Manu Katché on drums, Tony Levin on bass, David Rhodes on guitar, Josh Shpak on trumpet, Richard Evans on mandolin and additional percussion from Ged Lynch. The song was recorded at Real World Studios, Bath, The Beehive and British Grove, London.

As you’ll know from the Bright-Side mix, Olive Tree provides another up-tempo moment for the i/o record, ‘I wanted it to have some speed to it but I also wanted some mystery, too. I think it is a celebration in a way and there’s a real sense of being alive,’ says Peter.