My Body is a Cage in Dietland

Joy Nash as Plum Kettle – Dietland _ Season 1, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/AMC

Peter’s version of ‘Body is a Cage’ features in episode 110 of DIETLAND, which airs on AMC on 30 July.

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Dietland is a wickedly funny and extraordinarily timed satire about Plum Kettle, a ghostwriter for the editor of one of New York’s hottest fashion magazines. Struggling with self-image and fed up with how she’s treated by her boss and society, Plum sets out on a wildly complicated road to self-awakening. At the same time, everyone is buzzing over news reports about men, accused of sexual abuse and assault, who are disappearing and meeting untimely, violent deaths. Equal parts revenge fantasy and a journey to self-acceptance, Dietland is a darkly comedic story that explores a multitude of issues faced by women today.

‘My Body is a Cage’ is taken from Peter’s album Scratch My Back, and was written by Arcade Fire. Of the track Peter says; “I love the title ‘My Body is a Cage’. My first impressions were of a man trapped in his body, not unlike ‘The Butterfly and the Diving Bell’, which I had then just seen. It also reminded me of the awkward moments in a relationship when what you are able to do, and what you want to do, are not lining up.”

Joy Nash as Plum Kettle, Tara Summers as Sofia – Dietland _ Season 1, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/AMC