Mix the Music features PG

A brand-new multitrack music download store called Mix the Music has just launched and it features three of Peter’s tracks from the album ‘Long Walk Home’, the music he created for the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence.

Using the Mix the Music store you can legally download, listen to, and remix original multitracks recorded by wide array of major artists and film and video game composers.

The three songs by Peter that are available on the service are ‘Go Away Mr. Evans’, ‘Running To The Rain’ and ‘Unlocking The Door’. There are also tracks from Real World Records’ artists 9Bach, Syriana, Charlie Winston, Ayub Ogada, Samuel Yirga and JuJu.

Mix the Music allows music fans, amateur and professional audio engineers, DJ’s, teachers and students the chance to download songs, listen to the original individual recorded tracks, hear how classic recordings were created, and even play along, record, and then create their own mixes of these songs.

This new multitrack format, containing original stems, has been developed by PreSonus Audio and the Mix The Music platform makes it easy and secure to access the audio files and experiment.

Mix The Music also offers users free downloadable mixing software, a version of PreSonus Audio’s award­-winning Studio One. This version of Studio One is an easy to use, professional grade, powerful mixing software, providing users a creative listening and production environment to enjoy, explore, mix and remix multitracks.

Sign up to Mix the Music for free here – follow the links to download multitracks and start exploring!