Magnificent Union of Digitaly Downloading Artists – MUDDA

“Four years ago I co-founded (and am now a shareholder in) a digital downloading service with Charles Grimsdale, called OD2. I got involved because I thought there were interesting opportunities and I wanted to have access to digital delivery both for my work and for all the artists on Real World Records

Although OD2’s initial focus was the Independents, we are now Europe’s number one digital distributor for music working with all five majors and are about to launch in Australia and Asia this year.

We are determined that we should try and take advantage of this situation and help transform the music business in such a way that artists are on level terms with record companies, receive fair payments and have new opportunities to be their own retailer when they choose.

I have been developing ideas with Brian Eno for an alliance of artists to ensure that artists’ interests are treated fairly, as this new business model takes shape. This dream for MUDDA can only become a reality with enough endorsement and involvement of other artists.” Peter Gabriel

More information on MUDDA will be coming soon.