Live albums on streaming

As part of the on-going roll out of Peter’s catalogue on streaming services, his live albums – Plays Live, Secret World Live and Growing Up Live, alongside OVO – are released today on streaming services.

It’s the first time Growing Up Live has been available digitally as a stand-alone audio release, and both Plays Live and Secret World Live are expanded versions on all digital platforms.

Plays Live
The 16 track concert from the original LP release is being made available digitally for the first time. The Rhythm of the Heat, Not One of Us, Intruder and On the Air are all returned to their rightful place in the running order on Peter’s first live album, that captures his 1982 tour.

Secret World Live
Omitted from the original CD release (due to lack of disc space) and subsequent digital releases, San Jacinto has been added to this new digital release of Secret World Live, which captures Peter’s 1993 tour in support of his sixth studio album US.

Growing Up Live
Only ever a DVD release before now, this is the first time Peter’s Growing Up Live tour has been a stand-alone audio release. The show was Peter’s first live tour in 10 years and showcases a number of songs from his seventh album UP and a host of Gabriel classics and features notable contributions from The Blind Boys of Alabama, Dr Hukwe and Charles Zawose, Sevara Nazarkhan and the voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Not a live album in itself, but the music that soundtracked the Millennium Dome Show in London, performed 999 times during the 365 days in 2000 that the Dome was open. Available to stream for the first time on the majority of digital services.

Live Blood and Live in Athens 1987 (as part of the So, 25th anniversary editions) are already available.

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Peter Gabriel by Armando Gallo.