Karl Wallinger

Rossy, Karl Wallinger and Peter Gabriel at Real World Recording Week 1991 by Pete Williams

Shocked and saddened to learn we no longer have Karl Wallinger with us. 

I had admired his work from afar but it was when we did a Real World Recording Week together that I had the most creative and fun week I have ever had in the studio. Karl was overflowing with wonderful musical ideas that blew us all away, all delivered with terrible jokes that had us laughing uncontrollably all day and night. He was such a gifted, natural writer and player, it was a tap that he could turn on at will, effortlessly. 

Like many a great comic and many great musicians, melancholy was strong in the mix, but his charm, humility, intelligence and razor-sharp wit made him great company. 

Karl was an abundant talent and we have been given extraordinary music and memories from this extraordinary man. 

Thank you, Karl.