John Giblin

So sad to learn that John Giblin has died. So many great memories of working with John, in the studio and on tour. He was a big man always full of musical ideas and enthusiasm and fun to be with. If he and the drummer were connecting you were halfway there with any track. 
John had such a huge range of references that he would call on and be able to flip from one approach to another with great ease. Although he might keep his inner self to himself, John was always curious and amused by life, always dressed in that tell-tale warm smile of his and keen to get on, whatever it was you were working on. 
I think it was Phil (Collins) that introduced me to John who had been his bass player of choice for Brand X. My favourite bit of John’s work with me was also with Phil on drums, No Self-Control.  

This wonderful and warm hearted musician contributed so much to so many great records and performances . We will all miss you John. 
– pg

John Giblin, backstage at WOMAD 1982. Photo: Larry Fast