Society of Sound: October


Each month Peter and Real World Records work with Bowers & Wilkins to curate the music for Society of Sound – a meeting place for people who are passionate about sound.

Following hot-on-the-heels of the recent release ‘Mar De Leva’ a retrospective of the music of contemporary Colombia, this month’s release comes from a little closer to home and the debut solo album from acclaimed Belgian pianist Jef Neve.

The album, One, was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and after more than a decade travelling around the world, playing with all sorts of different bands, and being the driving force behind the award-wining jazz group the Jef Neve Trio, this is Neve’s first release as a solo artist.

At first I felt naked, deserted, a big confrontation with myself, as if I was looking into a mirror trying to reveal the reflection of my own personality. It took me half a day to reach that point where I could start to let go of my fears and energize the music, aiming for melodies that were never done before.

After the first recording session, my whole point of view of making a good new album changed completely, it had to be no less than perfect and from then on I accepted the personal challenge to do absolutely everything possible to make this album, whatever it would take.”

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