Interspecies Conversations Public Conference

Peter is taking part in The Interspecies Conversations Public Conference, on Saturday 18th July 2020. The event takes place in collaboration with the Coller Foundation, Google and MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms.

To have access to the webcast you need to book your place here. 

The conference features ecologist Carl Safina, technologist and novelist Jonathan Ledgard and prominent author and speaker on animal behaviour, Temple Grandin, hosting a multidisciplinary group of researchers in the areas of animal cognition and communication, neuroscience, anthropology, AI and computer sciences, philosophers, artists and musicians.

Contributors will share and debate research, thoughts and ideas about interspecies communication and approaches to deciphering the signals of other animals.

The event will launch an exciting new research award, the Coller Prize for Interspecies Conversation and Hall of Fame to celebrate and champion pioneering research.