A new double CD compilation of Peter’s music is soon to be released – the disc is taking different formats in different territories, for example some will only have one disc and Germany will I think have German versions of some tracks…however the 2CD listing here in the U.K. is

Hit Disk 1

Solsbury Hill 04:22
Shock The Monkey 03:57
Sledgehammer 04:55
Don’t Give Up 05:54
Games Without Frontiers 03:57
Big Time 04:25
Burn You Up 05:03
Growing Up (TLA Mix) 04:53
Digging 05:16
Blood of Eden 06:35
More than This 05:21
Biko 07:00
Steam 05:27
Red Rain 05:35
Here Comes The Flood 04:31

Disk Two

San Jacinto 06:40
No Self Control 03:55
Cloudless 04:49
The Rhythm Of The Heat 05:19
I Have The Touch (Robbie Robertson mix) 03:44
I Grieve 07:24
D.I.Y. 02:34
Different Drum 04:40
The Drop 03:10
The Tower – Steve Osborne Re-Mix 06:27
Lovetown 05:27
Father son 04:55
Signal To Noise 07:36
Downside Up Live 06:05
Washing of The Water 03:52