Double LP Reissues Released


The new double LP versions of Peter’s first four solo albums, plus his two German language albums are released on Friday 16 October in most countries.

All the albums have been Half-Speed Remastered and cut to lacquers at 45RPM, across two heavyweight 180g LPs to deliver maximum dynamic sound range. They come in gatefold sleeves, utilising imagery from the initial first LP pressings, sourced and re-scanned from original artwork.

Here’s what the reviews have been saying about the re-issues so far:

“… scrupulously repurposed as sonically superior 180g double-vinyl 45rpm sets” –Record Collector

“We are told that they have never sounded so good, and Prog are delighted to say that on listening, they truly never have” – Prog Magazine

“It sounds like Gabriel is there, stood right next to you, singing, whispering and imploring. It’s hard to fault Gabriel’s unwavering commitment to his craft” – Q Magazine

“These are significant records. Gabriel’s personal and professional re-birth” – Uncut Magazine

“In just five years [Gabriel] had built a solo canon to rival Bowie himself” – Classic Rock

We are very excited that these vinyl re-issues are finally going to be available for you to hear but we have some important news that relates to these records, so please do keep reading…

If you have ordered the albums from the Real World Store, then your package has already been picked up and is now winging its way to you via UPS. We hope, that in pretty much all cases, your album(s) will arrive with you on Friday. If not, it will be very soon after.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that Peter Gabriel 2 (aka Scratch) is missing the intended lyric sheet insert. If you ordered the album from the Real World Store then we are pleased to say that we have been able to include the lyric sheet in with your order. However, if you have pre-ordered Peter Gabriel 2 from another retailer or if you buy the album over the coming weeks, then the insert will be missing. We were disappointed to discover this news, so we have agreed with our distributor Caroline International, that anyone who has bought the album but finds that the lyric sheet for Peter Gabriel 2 is missing can have the insert sent to them.

If this relates to you then please follow this link and enter your details to have the lyric sheet posted out to you. 

Proof of purchase will be needed but if you upload a photo of your copy of the PG2 re-issue, showing the Limited Edition Number, then that will be enough to receive the lyric sheet (one per album).

We’re also sorry to confirm that the release date for the albums in the USA has had to move back to 30 October. This is the result of a manufacturing delay. We have done everything possible to try and keep the US release date in line with the rest of the world, but unfortunately it has not been possible. If you are based in America and ordered the LPs from the Real World Store, then you will still receive your albums this week. The change of release date only relates to US based retailers (including

We very much hope that you enjoy these re-issues.

Happy listening.


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