Discounts and New Digital Albums

The festive season (or is it the numbing cold?) has got to us and we’ve put together a collection of heartwarming musical offers and made dozens of new and old digital albums available in our shop.

Peter Gabriel’s entire back-catalogue, from ‘Peter Gabriel 1 (Car)’, to his orchestral covers on ‘Scratch My Back’, is now available digitally in WOMAD Shop.

We’ve put together an amazing musical offer for the holiday period. 12 great albums over 12 days, each available to download at amazing prices from our store starting on December 25th. Each of the albums on offer will also feature a selection of 4 full tracks for you to listen to for free. We’ve got some of the best recent releases on Real World Records with gems from the Peter Gabriel back catalogue. Check back each day at to download some of our best music at incredible prices.

There’s 20% off all Peter Gabriel and Real World Records digital albums in our store, so it’s a good time to discover some new sounds at special rates to brighten your day.

Peter was awarded the Music Industry Trusts Award in 2004 and this selection of tracks was specially selected by him to mark the occasion. Previously only available to guests at the award ceremony, this compilation ‘Uscita’ is now available as a high quality MP3 or an Apple Lossless download exclusively at WOMAD Shop.