Deep Dive on Bandcamp

We are a few months into the i/o campaign now, and as you know we’ve been releasing new music and different mixes on the full moon and new moon of every month, but did you know there’s even more i/o over on Peter’s Bandcamp?

We have a subscription on Bandcamp that costs £3 a month and where you will receive both the Bright and Dark-Side mixes as well as alternate versions or work in progress each month… a chance to get under the skin of the songs a little more, a deep dive as we like to call it.

So far, you’ve missed band session versions of Panopticom, i/o and Road to Joy, a guitar version of So Much and a more up tempo version of Playing for Time, as well as a monthly video from Peter going through the creative process for each song.

We’re throwing in a few added extras along the way too. It’s all still there if you choose to subscribe. There’s a nice little community over there too, so why not come along?

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