Collector’s Edition charity auction


Collector’s Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics, a new book by Stuart Tolley, brings together 180 examples of innovative graphic and product design created for special collector’s, limited or deluxe editions and features Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch My Back” Deluxe Edition.

Author Stuart Tolley invited artists who feature in the book to draw, paint and decorate the cover of the book for a unique series of covers to be auctioned to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Society.

Inspired by his eighth studio album, Scratch My Back, Peter has chosen to create an original artwork on solely the back of the Collector’s Edition book, leaving the front in its original format.

The hand drawn and coloured artwork, using pen and ink, takes the ‘Scratch My Back’ album concept, of reworking other musicians work, and transforms it into a voyeuristic artwork of real power.

The online auction for these exclusive hand drawn covers is now live and runs until 12th December here.