The Blue Nile Documentary

PJ Moore + Ken Sweeney

PJ Moore + Ken Sweeney. Photography ©

In Search of The Blue Nile is a new documentary on the band narrated and produced by Ken Sweeney for RTE Radio One in Ireland and well worth a listen.

During the documentary Peter gets a number of mentions as a champion of the band.

Paul Buchanan says: “Peter Gabriel was having huge success then, it was very typical of him to use that to draw attention to us.”    

Ronnie Gurr, (The Blue Nile’s then A&R man at Virgin Records) when talking about the album A Walk Across The Rooftops, says: “Peter Gabriel used to ring up our production department and order a box of 25 CD’s at a time, because he thought this was such a great record and he wanted his friends to have a copy. So he would be ordering up 25 at a time to hand out to friends.”

You can listen to In Search Of The Blue Nile here

Producer Ken Sweeney says: “Peter Gabriel was a key figure in introducing The Blue Nile to the public. His name constantly came up I researched The Blue Nile story and his championing of this exceptional group has lasted through the decades all the way to 2017.”