Back to Front is back


The Winter 2014 leg of Peter’s Back to Front tour kicked-off in style last night in front of a sold out crowd at Palais 12, in Brussels.

The show was the first of 18 performances that will see the tour also visit France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Ireland and the UK.

On the morning of 7 November, the trucks, loaded with the equipment for the tour had gently rolled-out from Real World Studios, in deepest Wiltshire. Navigated some tight country lanes and headed for the coast. Over the weekend the stage at Palais 12 was set-up and the band members started to arrive in Brussels. Finally, on Sunday night, straight from his performance of ‘Heroes’ in Berlin, Peter arrived.

The Back to Front tour is already a well-oiled machine, but nonetheless another couple of days of band and technical rehearsals followed on Monday and Tuesday, before the real business began last night.

It’s exciting for everyone to be back on the road with the tour. We hope to see some of you along the way!

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Photos of the rehearsals and soundcheck in Brussels – York Tillyer.