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So+ on iTunes

So has just become one of the first albums to get the 'iTunes LP' treatment - it now comes with four videos, several 'B-sides' and the enhanced 'iTunes LP' content.
14th Oct 2009

Peter's October update

Herding cats and Lighthouse Keepers' parties all get a mention. Peter's back on your screens this October with the news that whilst there has been a brief outage here, others have been hard at work- it seems some satirical fun is being poked at...
5th Oct 2009

John Metcalfe on 'Scratch My Back'

"I have been busy working closely with Peter Gabriel on his 'Scratch My Back' project. This is a song swap with some of the world's most legendary artists and is due for release in the Spring. My role has been to re-interpret the music of the...
17th Sep 2009

Lunar apologies

The full moon is upon us, shining brightly in clear skies hear in Box. Unfortunately Peter has been unable to record the video that we intended to post this evening. Peter sends his apologies and says we will be back next month.
4th Sep 2009

David Rhodes releases 'Bittersweet'

Until now David's been more than content to be the supporting artist in the shadows, a few paces back from the main attraction. As well as his lengthy tenure on the shoulder of Peter Gabriel, David's also been an in-demand session player, his...
27th Aug 2009

August's full moon - Peter's transmission

This month's full moon finds Peter floating in a small craft atop a large unstable liquid mass. The data connection to his location is pretty much non-existent, so there will be a hiatus in the video updates this month. Here in Box, were not...
6th Aug 2009

'The Real World of Peter Gabriel' Documentary Broadcast in France and Germany on Arte TV

A new documentary entitled 'The Real World of Peter Gabriel' directed by Georg Maas and Dieter Zeppenfeld will be broadcast simultaneously in Germany and in France on Arte TV next Thursday, 6th of august at 11.20pm. The documentary will also be...
4th Aug 2009

Tell No lies No.1 in World Music Charts Europe!

Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara's recent release, Tell No Lies, has taken the top spot in August's edition of The World Music Charts Europe. The album has been in the top 4 since entering the charts in June 09. Congratulations to Justin and...
3rd Aug 2009

Charlton Park iPhone App available

We've just launched or Charlton Park iPhone application - it's free and it will be one of the services that can take advantage of the site-wide Wi-Fi. If you would rather not be without the internet for a whole weekend then fear not as WOMAD...
16th Jul 2009

Peter's Full Moon Update

It's short and sweet this month as Peter comes live and direct from Air Studios.
7th Jul 2009

"Biko" Handwritten Lyrics

Peter has donated a handwritten sheet of the lyrics from 'Biko' to the True Colors Fund Summer Online Auction. The True Colors Fund, the philanthropic arm of the True Colors Tour co-founded by Cyndi Lauper, seeks to strengthen the gay, lesbian,...
22nd Jun 2009

Peter Gabriel comes face to face at Pentagram

You may have heard Peter talking in his most recent video update about some inspirational images featuring objects that can be seen as faces. Peter knew the images from one of his favourite books, then came face to face with them in the Pentagram...
19th Jun 2009

Peter Gabriel performing his only European date in support of Witness at WOMAD Charlton Park.

Peter Gabriel will be performing on Saturday 25th July at WOMAD Charlton Park. A limited number of day tickets are now available. "This will be my only show in Europe this year, and I am delighted it will be for I had no plans to...
15th Jun 2009

Peter Gabriel's Full Moon video

June's Full Moon finds The Wrting Room a hive of activity around the 'Scratch My Back' project. Peter tells us that "You may be hearing it sooner than never and sooner than I normally mean when I say sooner" We also hear about a meeting of The...
7th Jun 2009

Charlie Winston at the Society of Sound

You may have heard Peter Gabriel talking about Charlie Winston's success in France over the past months. This month he is the featured artist over on The B&W Society of Sound, so even if you haven't been lucky enough to be enjoying spring in...
27th May 2009

Donate to WITNESS before June 5 - have it tripled up to $30,000

Donate to WITNESS before June 5 and your gift will be tripled up to $30,000. Visit WITNESS and see how your gift directly supports the use of video to promote women's rights in Zimbabwe, Yemen and Mexico to make the world a safer place.
27th May 2009

Mamer's 'Eagle' released today.

New today from Real World Records and available in our store on CD, MP3 and Apple Lossless download. CD buyers get a free MP3 download of the album to ensure instant gratification. CD quality downloads are only £5.99. "A stunning album ......
18th May 2009

Peter wins the Polar Music Prize

Peter Gabriel is being awarded the Polar Music Prize 2009 for his ground-breaking, outward-looking and boundary-busting artistry. As a composer, artist and person, Peter Gabriel has not only had a significant influence on the development of...
14th May 2009

Darfur Fast For Life

Peter will begin a three day water-only fast tommorow
13th May 2009

Real World Records newsletter

For those of you not on the mailing list, the latest Real World Records newsletter is now available to read on-line.
10th May 2009

Peter's May Full Moon Club video update posted

Peter talks about progress on his 'scratch my back' covers project, with Bob Ezrin and John Metcalf both in the studio to work on the project. We get a report on the success of the recent WOMAD Abu Dhabi where Robert Plant made a special guest...
9th May 2009

Real World Records newsletter

The latest newsletter from Real World Records is now available to view on-line.
14th Apr 2009

Peter Gabriel Full Moon update posted

Peter recounts tales of recent travels and tour dates in Mexico and Latin America, music, warmth, human rights campaigning, sickness and happy memories from 18 days on the road. We also hear about Speed Caravan, the current inhabitants of Real...
9th Apr 2009

Spiro on the B&W Music Club

Spiro are this month's artists on the Real World curated Bowers and Wilkins Music Club. You can see them here talking about recording the project at Real World Studios, with an introduction from Peter Gabriel. Catch them this month at The Music...
27th Mar 2009

Peter Gabriel and The Black Swan Effect in Peru has a review and photographs of Box's wandering minstrels from the opening concert of their tour. "Every concert is different depending on the audience, and as Peter Gabriel took his bows, it was clear that the palpable Peruvian...
22nd Mar 2009

Peter Gabriel feels happy on his arrival in Peru

A big crowd gathered at Jorge Chávez airport in Lima to welcome their idol Peter Gabriel, who did not hesitate in getting closer to his fans to greet them, sign autographs and even hug them. "I'm very happy of being here again. Last time I was...
20th Mar 2009

Join Peter Gabriel and stop violence against women in Mexico

WITNESS has been collecting signatures on a petition asking Mexico's President Calderon to resolve the disappearances and murders of hundreds of women on the Mexico / U.S. border. Put your signature on the petition that Peter will deliver to the...
16th Mar 2009


If you are not on our mailing lists, you won't have recieved our recent newsletters, but fear not, they are available to read on-line.
12th Mar 2009

Remix Games Without Frontiers

The latest sample pack available on Real World Remixed is Peter Gabriel's 'Games Without Frontiers'. The sample pack also features Kate Bush on backing vocals and has two new parts - Lord Jamar's rap for the recent Winter X Games version of the...
12th Feb 2009

Peter's February update

Peter Gabriel talks about a spate of award nominations and ceremonies including the Golden Globe Awards, the Grammy Awards and the Oscars's, all of which have 'Down To Earth' from Walle in ther short lists. Enriching 'brain food' is recounted,...
10th Feb 2009

Today's Full Moon Club update.

We're sorry to announce that there will be a slight delay in uploading this month's video update from Peter. Late trains, packed timetables, world travel and a very rich mushroom pie have all conspired to push us back beyond the lunar peak here...
9th Feb 2009

Oscar nomination for Down To Earth

Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman have been nominated for an Oscar for the song "Down to Earth" from the film Walle
22nd Jan 2009

Music Club sightings

This picture of one of Dengue Fever's guitars, captured earlier in the year as they recorded a Real World for a forthcoming Bowers & Wilkins Music Club release, seemed to want to find it's way out into the world today. The image of Barack Obama...
22nd Jan 2009

Peter's January Full Moon Club video.

Amongst the natural highlights to be found in this months video update from Peter Gabriel are an Otter and a Kingfisher. Peter also tells us about the nomination of 'Down To Earth' from the Walle soundtrack at The Golden Globe Awards; which means...
9th Jan 2009

Last minute of the year?

Why not bring some instant Christmas cheer into the world by download the best Christmas album around. Hear it in the best possible quality by downloading in 'Apple Lossless' format, or go for smaller download of our 320 Kbps MP3 version. Both...
18th Dec 2008

Inside the Collaborative World and Visionary Mind of Peter Gabriel

You can now read Filter Magazine's recent interview with Peter on-line.
12th Dec 2008

2009 Peter Gabriel tour dates confirmed

Mexico City - 27th March Guadalajara - 29th March Monterrey NL - 31st March More details to follow.
11th Dec 2008

Golden Globe nomination for Down To Earth.

Best Original Song - Motion Picture "Down To Earth" - Wall-E Music By: Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman Lyrics By: Peter Gabriel
11th Dec 2008

PG on The Hub on Human Rights Day

Whilst Peter Gabriel was in New York for the Witness Gala Dinner he gave an interview to BBC News explaining the rationale behind The Hub. The Hub is now out of it's beta testing phase and officially launched to coincide with Human Rights...
10th Dec 2008

Grammy nominations for Peter Gabriel & Thomas Newman

Category 84 Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media Down To Earth (From Wall-E) Peter Gabriel & Thomas Newman, songwriters (Peter Gabriel) Track from: Wall-E Category 86 Best Instrumental Arrangement Define...
4th Dec 2008