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North American pre-sale

Full Moon Club members can now follow exclusive pre-sale links for 'soundcheck access' and standard tiickets to the Montreal, New York and Los Angeles 'New Blood' shows.
6th Feb 2010, 1:00am

Flume on The Hype Machine

Can you spare a moment to help us build a buzz around 'Flume'?
6th Feb 2010

Peter Gabriel introduces Real World Records for Winter 2009/10

Peter took a moment away from all things 'Scratch My Back' to introduce some of the music from Real World Records that's been filling his ears over the winter months. Peter introduces music from Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara's 'Trance...
4th Feb 2010

North American 'New Blood' tickets.

It looks like we are going to have some tickets available to Full Moon Club members from Saturday 6th February, a little ahead of the various other promotions that will be happening. We'll have a number of standard tickets as well as some special...
3rd Feb 2010

Scratching the surface of 'Not One Of Us'

The first remixes of 'Not One Of Us' have begun to arrive at Real World Remixed. We're looking forward to hearing more as they land.
3rd Feb 2010

Peter Gabriel on The One Show

Peter is appearing live on The One Show tomorrow evening at 7pm GMT BBC 1
2nd Feb 2010

Peter Gabriel covers Bon Iver (Stereogum Premiere)

...the sound of this cover, like the sound of Bon Iver's album, needs no external narrative to resonate, its affect achieved upon hearing the painterly piano and brass over which Peter first bursts, widescreen, into that chorus. "Only love is all...
1st Feb 2010

Peter Gabriel is back in the habit

Lately more a technology guru than a singer, he now has a new CD - Scratch My Back is a covers album with a difference
30th Jan 2010

Peter Gabriel's Full Moon Update

Peter Gabriel's January update coincides with the release today of the first Double A-side, Digital 45 from the 'Scratch My Back' project on ITunes . We hear from Peter about his version of 'The Book Of Love', and from the writer of that track,...
30th Jan 2010

Be part of 'Scratch My Back' Remix 'Not One Of Us'

Peter Gabriel's 'Not One of Us' is taken from one of Q Magazine's top 100 Greatest British Albums. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, this album of May 1980 features Jerry Marotta and Phil Collins drumming, the guitar of Robert Fripp, David Rhodes,...
30th Jan 2010

First 'Scratch My Back Double A-Side is out

Peter Gabriel's cover of 'The Book of Love' and Stephin Merritt's of The Magnetic Fields' reciprocal cover of 'Not One Of Us' are released today as a 'Digital 45' on iTunes. It should be in all iTunes stores, but the method of linking...
30th Jan 2010

Scratch My Back Podcast - revisit

A quick recap of all three podcasts for those who don't want to subscribe.
28th Jan 2010

Stephin Merritt's Not One Of Us

A first chance to hear Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields with his version of 'Not One Of Us', with an introduction from the man himself. "Peter's version of 'Not One Of Us' showcases his singing voice , whereas my version showcases this...
28th Jan 2010

Scratch My Back release dates

'Scratch My Back' UK/Europe February 15th EMI, Canada February 16th Universal Music, USA March 2nd Real World Records
26th Jan 2010


With mixes for previous tracks, like these recent 'Hotpicks' of Shock The Monkey and 'Games Without Frontiers', what can we expect when 'Not One Of Us' goes up on the full moon?
25th Jan 2010

The Making of Scratch My Back

We've just added a video to the 'Scratch My Back' feature. Peter and John Metcalfe talking about the project, and a look at the orchestra recording at Air Studios. Oh to be a conductor (Who, by the way is Ben Foster- best known for his work as...
25th Jan 2010

The Magnetic Fields: Realism

The first 'double a-side', or 'digital 45' as it will be known at the iTunes store from the 'Scratch My Back' (and I'll scratch yours) project will be released on this months full moon. Peter's track will be his cover of The Magnetic Fields 'The...
23rd Jan 2010

Scratch My Back Podcast -episode 3

In this third instalment of the 'Scratch My Back' podcast series Peter talks about songs nine to twelve on the record: 'I Think it's Going to Rain Today' (Randy Newman),'Apr├Ęs Moi' (Regina Spektor), 'Philadelphia' (Neil Young) and 'Street Spirit...
22nd Jan 2010

Peter Gabriel 'New Blood' North American dates

Hot off the press: Wednesday 28th April, Bell Centre, Montreal Sunday 2nd May, Radio City, New York Monday 3rd May, Radio City, New York Friday 7th May, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles
21st Jan 2010

'My Body Is A Cage' on Stereogum

..."Our first full listen is this take on Arcade Fire's "My Body Is A Cage," and unsurprisingly, its gothic bombast is a fine foil for Metcalfe's symphonic arrangement. It's the only song from the collection to feature a choir...."
21st Jan 2010

Peter Gabriel 'Heroes' on Larry King Live

There is a chance that a clip of Peter performing 'Heroes' will be aired on Larry King Live this evening - nothing is confirmed as yet, but we've been helping them out with some material to raise awareness around the Haiti earthquake disaster.
19th Jan 2010

'Make Tomorrow Today' for Haiti

Peter has partnered with Music for Relief by donating an unreleased version of 'Make Tomorrow Today' for download to support the Haitian Earthquake response effort.
19th Jan 2010

Scratch My Back updates

You may have seen that s Special Edition of Scratch My Back has now been announced. The package contains a second disc with four extra tracks : 1. 'The Book of Love' (Remix) 2. 'My Body is a Cage' (Oxford London Temple Version) 3. 'Waterloo...
14th Jan 2010

U.S.A. Marketing Survey

We are working on the release of Peter's 'Scratch My Back' record with a company called The Collective in the U.S.A. If you're in the U.S.A and want to help them target their campaign more effectively, we'd appreciate your taking a few moments...
12th Jan 2010

Second Berlin date added on the 24th of March

A second Berlin date has now been added to the New Blood shows. In a Star Wars like move the show is a prequel to that previously announced. We have 200 special access tickets available for this date.
12th Jan 2010

Win tickets to the New Blood tour

Members of The Full Moon Club can now enter our competition to win a pair of tickets to the New Blood Tour. (One pair for each of the following dates Paris, Berlin and London on March 27th, so 3 winners)
31st Dec 2009

Blue Moon Update

It's not often, in-fact, only once in a blue moon, that you'll find us making a second Full Moon Club video update in a month. Add into that mix that this is the last day of the year, the end of the first decade of the 21st Century and you've got...
31st Dec 2009

John was almost Peter's software

Nige Tassel has been talking to Peter and his team about the making of Scratch My Back.
15th Dec 2009

'Scratch My Back' -first chance to listen

In this first instalment of a mini podcast series introducing 'Scratch My Back', Peter talks about the first four tracks from the album, and we hear excerpts from the final studio masters. Peter Gabriel will release his 'Scratch My Back' album...
12th Dec 2009

2nd 'New Blood' London O2 show announced.

Hot off the press is the announcement of a second night for New Blood at London's O2 Arena, that's on March 28th. More details soon
11th Dec 2009

Further 'New Blood' tour packages available - London - Paris - Berlin

We've added Paris, Bercy on MArch 22nd and Berlin O2 on MArch 25th to the list of confirmed dates on the 'New Blood' tour around the release of 'Scratch My Back' The first set of special access tickets we put up yesterday for the London show on...
10th Dec 2009

New Blood - Peter Gabriel's 'Scratch My Back' Live

Peter is bringing the 'Scratch My Back' experience to select venues early in 2010. The New Blood tour is Peter Gabriel, orchestra, no drums, no guitars We have two special offers for the London O2 show, both giving the best seats, access to the...
9th Dec 2009

Choose it. Click it. Share it

Vote for WITNESS, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY) by December 11th as one of your favorite charities and help us win up to a $1 million donation from Chase Community Giving
9th Dec 2009

Rumour Mill

We're hoping to have news of live dates where Peter will be performing both his own and the songs from 'Scratch My Back' as soon as tomorrow. The sound of the album may not have escaped yet, but check back soon if you like your music live and...
8th Dec 2009

Scratch My Back in Peter's Full Moon video update

A little more of 'Scratch My Back' has escaped into this month's video. Sadly one factual update is that the release date has now slipped back until February 15th, but that news is, we hope, tempered by Peter's other revelations around the...
3rd Dec 2009

It'll be interesting to see what crawls out of the corpse

"There is as much magic in the sounds of things as there is in the notes," concluded Gabriel. "The studio can be the most boring place in the world, but when there's magic - when you open up a new vein - you wouldn't want to be anywhere else."...
19th Nov 2009

shh...don't tell anyone you've seen 'Scratch My Back'

There's just 2 months and 9 days until you can get your hands on a copy of 'Scratch My Back'. The cover image remains a closely guarded secret, but we know we can trust you.
16th Nov 2009

'Scratch My Back' album release due on January 25th 2010

Peter will release his 'Scratch My Back' album on January 25th 2010 on Virgin Records in the U.K. To help craft his recording of the album's eclectic array of cult favourites and classic tracks, Peter enlisted former Durutti Column member John...
13th Nov 2009

Beaver alert

A brief update from Peter, filmed before he headed off to a meeting of The Elders. We hear news of the 'Scratch My Back' album projects which is now nearing completion and pick up on Peter's current hot tips, Portico Quartet and Charlie Winston.
2nd Nov 2009

All You Need is love

Take a look at this recording of 'All You Need is Love' by Bandaged Together - a collection of the great and the good in the music industry, radio and TV - in aid of this years BBC Children in Need appeal. Peter Gabriel can be seen at the top...
30th Oct 2009