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Martyn Bennett - 17 February 1971 - 30 January 2005

It is with enormous sadness that we announce the death of Martyn Bennett after a long struggle against cancer. Martyn died in Edinburgh on Sunday 30 January. He has left behind an extraordinary and seminal body of work - influential recordings...
31st Jan 2005, 12:24pm

World Economic Forum

"During the past few days here, we've been able to do as much hustling for our cause as we probably will be able to achieve during the rest of the year." Peter Gabriel Being a legendary rock star tends to make things a tad easier. It helps to...
27th Jan 2005, 11:37pm

Good Time Coming..... January's lunar offering.

Greeting Lunatics, I hope 2005 is surpassing your expectations. If it's not, have no fear January the 24th is statistically (at least in the UK) the low point of the year, and it's now behind us. As a 'Kendal Mint Cake' like boost on the...
25th Jan 2005, 10:52pm

PLAY videos online in 5.1 Windows Media

If you haven't yet heard the new Dan Lanois and Richard Chappell 5.1 mixes to be found on Peter's new DVD "PLAY" you can now sample the all enveloping delights by simply sucking them through the ether. All you need is some serious hardware that...
25th Jan 2005, 10:52pm

Live chat on MSN

On January 24, 2005 at 3:00 PM U.S. Pacific Time / 6:00 PM Eastern Time / 11:00 PM UK Time, Peter will be participating in a live online chat with MSN. I've added the link provided below, but sadly in the UK you get redirected to a page saying...
10th Jan 2005, 4:04pm

Greetings Lunatics!

I've briefly logged in to bring you news of a Full Moon update, the website never sleeps! I must say I was dubious that a remix of 'I Grieve' was the right thing for this season of festivities, but events have unfortunately conspired to make it...
26th Dec 2004, 3:14pm

DTS audio on PLAY DVD

Since the release of the PLAY DVD we have become aware of an issue with the DTS soundtrack on the latest generation of surround amplifiers. PLAY is the first disc produced using a new DTS encoder and it seems that the version we used has set a...
21st Dec 2004, 6:00pm

Breaking news.

In the kind of about-face in the light of changing circumstance that could be critisized at election time as 'weak', Tina has extended her competition deadline. Entries will now be accepted until Thursday 16 December. In an attempt to justify...
9th Dec 2004, 10:38am

Witness update

I've just had an email from Gillian Caldwell, the Executive Director of Witness and thougt we'd pass on the information...... "I am tremendously proud to announce the launch of Witness to Truth: A Video Report and Recommendations from the Truth...
8th Dec 2004, 5:54pm

Sizer Barker Session On BBC Radio 6

As you may have heard Sizer Barker joined Tom Robinson for his Evening Sequence show on BBC Radio 6 Music last night and performed exclusive session tracks. Don't worry if you missed it though as you can still listen via Real Player and the BBC's...
3rd Dec 2004, 10:15am

Full Moon Club update

By our calculations and the glare of the large white body hanging over the studios this evening, tonight sees that extraordinary event , a Full Moon. I realise some of you have been celebrating the Full Moon on the forums since Wednesday, and...
26th Nov 2004, 7:43pm

Watch Adrian Sherwood on vinyl.

Noticing the news reports on WOMADshop's greatly reduced price for the lush gatefold double LP version of Adrian Sherwoods Never Trust A Hippy I decided it was time to acquire a copy. I enjoyed it so much; the sound reverberating into the...
24th Nov 2004, 5:39pm

Add reviews of the PLAY DVD

There we were thinking you didn't care to give us your thoughts, but it turns out it may just be that your having to experience the site through Microsoft Internet Explorer on the PC and it didn't like our code. Appolagies for this. The problem...
23rd Nov 2004, 1:08pm

PG Tour Merchandise bundles

WOMADshop now have two PG bundles on offer, both from £50 delivered Bundle 1 Still Growing Up Tour 2004 Duffel Bag containing: Poster (zorb ball), White T shirt, Programme, CD Holder Tour Cap. Bundle 2 Still Growing Up Tour Duffel bag to...
19th Nov 2004, 1:32pm

PLAY DVD radio promo in U.S.A

To coincide with the release of PLAY in the USA today Peter is doing a series of radio interviews. We are not sure if the broadcast time will be the same as the interview time, or how/where you can tune into the broadcasts, but here is the...
16th Nov 2004, 1:39pm

New feature on the PLAY DVD

With next Tuesday's U.S release date for PLAY approaching we thought we would wet your appetite with our new feature on the DVD. Check out snippets of each video in our Flash DVD simulator, and exclusive video interview with Peter Gabriel and...
12th Nov 2004, 5:27pm

Tina's competition update

A new competition and results from the last are now posted on Tina's pages.
11th Nov 2004, 6:33pm

Honourary Peter Gabriel Launches PRE!

Peter Gabriel interviewed recently in influencial music industry trade rag 'Music Week' ,on the week of being honoured at the MITS, commented on the launch of his new imprint PRE: 'I never really wanted to go outside Real World Records, but one...
9th Nov 2004, 6:31pm

Peter on Radio 2 Johnnie Walker Show

"Cruise with Johnnie and the Drivetime Show. Joining Johnnie in the studio is singer/songwriter Peter Gabriel." You can hear this BBC Radio 2 show today between 17.05 and 19.00. To listen via the internet follow the link below.
8th Nov 2004, 3:01pm

Sizer Barker Website

We have just launched our new site for "Sizer Barker", the first signings to Peter Gabriel's new record label "PRE Records". Take a look, have a listen, and download some lovely things!
8th Nov 2004, 2:24pm

Full Moon Club update

In a surprise move we have made a little update to the Full Moon Club - members will find two new additions to the video page in the form of 'Washing Of The Water' from the new PLAY DVD and an audio stream of Peter's "Book Of Love" which is...
28th Oct 2004, 6:50pm

Charles Zawose - July 3 1970-October 24 2004

It is with great sadness that we must announce the death of Charles Zawose in hospital in Stockholm on Sunday 24 October. Charles had been ill for sometime and in spite of many efforts from friends and family to ensure he received the best...
27th Oct 2004, 6:48pm

"For The Lady" Benefit Album Released October 26th

“Please use your liberty to promote ours.” Taking the words of the world’s only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Aung San Suu Kyi as a call to action, many of the world’s greatest artists such as U2, Natalie Merchant, Pearl Jam, Coldplay,...
18th Oct 2004, 5:12pm

PLAY Officially Launched to the Press

The official launch of Play to the UK press took place last week at the Hospital in London's Covent Garden. Also in attendance where the ten lucky Lunatics and their guests who won our impromptu competition last week. Speaking about the release...
18th Oct 2004, 5:11pm

Darkness 12" Vinyl Available

A 12" Vinyl of the Englepost remix of darkness is now available in the WomadShop. Three versions including the marathon 14 minute epic appear on the vinyl.
17th Oct 2004, 5:03pm

Win ticket to the PLAY DVD preview.

As you will probably know as a reader of these pages the Real World Studios have recently been host to a flurry of activity in the creation of Peter's new DVD 'PLAY the videos'. Dan Lanois has been with us creating new 5.1 surround mixes and...
8th Oct 2004, 4:40pm

Tina's archive

Tina has an update and a new competition .."I have chosen extracts from 12 songs (PG songs, of course!). All you have to do is give me their titles and the albums from which they come."
4th Oct 2004, 3:10pm

Peter Gabriel - Play DVD

It's official! We have been working our socks off creating something pretty special. (Which may explain the lack of news updates and a definite lack of sleep recently!) For the first time ever on DVD the video collection you've been waiting...
19th Sep 2004, 4:58pm

Sizer Barker dates in the UK

Sizer Barker, the first signings to Peter's new label PRErecords who supported him on many of the recent tour dates have some dates of their own in the UK this month. Sun 15: York Barfly, Tues 17: Liverpool Barfly, Weds 18: London Barfly, Thurs...
11th Aug 2004, 11:02am

Genesis - A Live Guide

Paul Russell has put together the definitive guide to Genesis from Charterhouse schooldays to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Russell has interviewed past and present band members, and collected together the existing live tapes of as many of...
26th Jul 2004, 3:57pm

The Tour Is Over!

To celebrate the end of the tour we have created a small flash player with 7 audio tracks from the european Encore CD's along with a slideshow of images from the show. Pop open and browse to the sound of Gabriel Live! (Flash 6 Required)
26th Jul 2004, 10:58am

Kaiserslautern details

The show is rescheduled to sunday 25th of july 2004. The venue remains the same Stiftsplatz , Kaiserslautern The show time is DOORS : 6.00 pm START: 6.45 pm The same tickets are valid as for the orginal concert The guest line up remains...
21st Jul 2004, 11:54am

Paleo Festival on TV

European viewers who can pick up Arte TV will be able to see highlights of the Paleo festival broadcast at 22:40 on 28.07.04. The programe is set to include some of peter's performance at the festival.
20th Jul 2004, 6:55pm

I haven't been eaten by the swan!

Tina has an updateincluding pictures of the Tittle family from Michegan, USA who won the prize of a visit to Real World in one of our competitions.
20th Jul 2004, 6:52pm

Kaiserslautern rescheduled

The show is now officialy being rescheduled for next Sunday 25th - details are still a little sketchy, we will keep you posted.
20th Jul 2004, 11:59am

Kaiserslautern cancelled, Lucca on

The good news is that Peter is currently on his way to tonight's show in Lucca, he is fit, well, and looking forward to the show. As many of you will know he unfortunately had to cancel yesterdays show in Kaiserslautern due to a cold/cough he...
19th Jul 2004, 6:12pm

Tour Merchandise

Some of the 'Still Growing UP" merchandise is beginning to find it's way back to us and into WOMADShop, currently available are posters and the program, but the range is set to expand into Tshirts, bags, hats and some special bundles.
18th Jul 2004, 7:01pm

Free Interactive track by Peter Gabriel from Noodle Heaven

Noodle Heaven is an amazing new system that allows artists to create a new hybrid of music and video games - interactive, free flowing, liquid music. Some of you may know the original "Noodle" program from the AfroCelt CDs "Volume 2" and "Further...
8th Jul 2004, 1:01pm

Apologies for our absence.

Regular visitors to this site may have noticed our absence over the last few days. Unfortunately weevils had got into the servers Core-flux Modules. It took quite a while for our iPixies to chase them all back out and allow us to resume normal...
30th Jun 2004, 4:48pm

Vote For Sledgehammer!

Peter's groundbreaking video for Sledgehammer has been nominated for Channel Four's "100 Greatest Pop Videos Of All Time" television event. You can vote for Sledgehammer by clicking on the link below and selecting it in the huge list of nominees...
8th Jun 2004, 12:25pm