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20 Eden Special Access passes

The 20 winners from the competition mentioned here have now been emailed - we're all just hoping for sunshine at Eden! If you are going to be at the Peter's Eden show on Wednesday you might like to enter the competition in our latest mailout,...
18th Jun 2007, 7:23pm

The Flute Player

Alongside gearing up for the tour, Peter's Engineer, Richard Chappell, has been hard at work promoting 'The Flute Player'; a screening of a one hour documentary film about the life and work of Arn Chorn-Pond and a performance of traditional music...
13th Jun 2007, 7:35pm

June's Full Moon Club update.

Tour preparation, keyboard player Angie Pollock, The Elders, Football, Australian luminaries, trains and telephones are all to be found in this months update.
1st Jun 2007, 9:24pm

'Salala' and 'What You Are" remix competition results.

We've managed to reach a long overdue decision on the two recent Real World Remixed competitions - lots listening and debating was involved, followed by more listening and then some debating! Thanks to everyone who took part, both with remixes...
1st Jun 2007, 3:01pm

Two competitions

Tina's update brings news of more than the usual amount of coffee and chocolates along with two competitions this month to win signed photos and a pair of tickets to WOMAD's 25th anniversary at Charlton Park.
31st May 2007, 9:45pm

The Eden Project

Peter's show in June 20th, previously the second date in Hamburg has been switched for a date at Cornwall's Eden Project. A specially-created concert featuring Peter Gabriel at the Eden Project on June 20 will mark the arrival of one of the...
31st May 2007, 3:30pm

'Art Rock 1966 - 1980'

You might be interested to watch the BBC series 'The Seven Ages of Rock', which has its second episode 'Art Rock 1966 - 1980' this Saturday on BBC2 at 9pm, which includes an interview with Peter talking about his days with Genesis and after.
26th May 2007, 6:04pm

Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award

This afternoon, Peter is being awarded an Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award, by the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters. The award will be covered by the press, and also Front Row BBC Radio 4 will have an interview with Peter on...
24th May 2007, 4:58pm launched - win a pair of tickets to any WOMAD event!

WOMAD turns 25 in 2007! To help mark the 25th anniversary of our first event in Shepton Mallet we are launching, a new website. hopes to gather your memories from the past 25 years of events. We want to capture...
4th May 2007, 4:33pm

Tour poll and improved video in The Full Moon Club.

Members of The Full Moon Club can now vote for their dream set for this summer's Peter Gabriel dates - you can put your set-list together on your profile page. We've also just improved the video solution for The Full Moon Club updates, farewell...
3rd May 2007, 4:49pm

Peter's May Full Moon Club video update.

Peter talks about Sardinia, tour plans, WE7, remixing and gardening by the moon. Traces of Richard Blair's remix of Bashi-Bazouk from 1992's 'Digging In The Dirt' CD single can be herard and a sprightly blackbird keeps watch on spring at Real...
2nd May 2007, 10:23pm

Tina has a new competition.

Visit Tina's pages for her latest PG update, a new competition and the results of the last.
28th Apr 2007, 10:15pm

Reading Festival 1979 - Live tracks on 6Music

We have no idea what these recordings sound like, but 'The George Lamb Show' on BBC 6music have contacted us to say they will be playing some live tracks from Peter's 1979 appearance at Reading Festival on Tuesday May 8th. The tracks Biko -...
27th Apr 2007, 12:36am

3 more PG Live dates added.

Stadtpark Open Air, Brescia Piazza Duomo and Gelsenkirchen dates have been added to the Live page.
10th Apr 2007, 10:08am

Peter Gabriel's April 'Full Moon Club' video.

In this month's update Peter talks about WOMAD, tour dates, song lists, cello playing birds and the sounds of Rabbit Proof Fence. The Elders and Witness catch a break and spring is in the air. Music is from Martyn Bennett's remix of 'Sky...
2nd Apr 2007, 10:06pm

4th PG Summer date added

Peter Gabriel will perform at Rock Werchter on Saturday June 30. Earlier performances at Werchter: 1983 + 1987 +1994.
2nd Apr 2007, 5:23pm breaks out of the box.

Change is afoot at, as DNS servers around the world pick up on our move to a new server you should begin to see what we mean. We've got more work to do, particularly with our audio and video assets, but with the impetus of the...
29th Mar 2007, 5:17pm

Got the reputation of a surgeon?

If you're a Peter Gabriel fan that knows their lyrics, you should head over to Tina's Fan Attic for her new competion and monthly update.
29th Mar 2007, 5:13pm

Peter Gabriel Summer Dates - updated(3 dates)

As you may have seen details are beginning to emerge about some live dates that Peter is going to perform this summer - this list is far from complete, but so far we have: Hyde Park Calling on Saturday 23rd June on a bill with Crowded House, The...
22nd Mar 2007, 6:23pm

New Angelique Kidjo/Peter Gabriel remix pack available.

"I was asked to do some singing and try a few things on a lovely track called 'Salala', by Angelique Kidjo. Her record company are now looking for some remixes and I just thought we'd throw it out to see if any of you were interested to try your...
9th Mar 2007, 6:19pm

Peter's March Update.

This update brings talk of an emptier, more 'stripped-back' approach to audio in his current studio work, birthday gifts and high praise for the meastro of the upright bass Danny Thompson. Talk of Danny gives us the opportunity to pull out a...
3rd Mar 2007, 11:00am

Watch an eclipse of the moon tonight!

"If the clouds stay away, it will be fascinating to watch the Moon's graceful movement through the shadow of the Earth," said Robin Scagell, from the Society for Popular Astronomy. The eclipse began at 2018 GMT, with the Moon totally immersed in...
3rd Mar 2007, 10:10am

TheFilter - music software gets an upgrade and Mac Alpha.

TheFilter must be hot when celebrity gossip email - POPBITCH - say "Download The Filter - The Ultimate iTunes Playlist Maker:" in their 'Things thant make you go hmmm' colum this week. The Filter, an application that works with your iTunes music...
1st Mar 2007, 4:36pm

BBC Radio2 Folk Awards

Peter presented an award to Danny Thompson at the BBC Radio2 Folk Awards on Monday evening. "The BBC Folk Awards annually makes special presentations for outstanding contributions to folk music and this year Danny Thompson provided a common link...
7th Feb 2007, 5:26pm

February's Full Moon

Catch up with Peter in February's update which just scrapes in under the full moon - we've had a few technical hitches putting this one together. Watch the video for news of The World Economic Forum, new music, new ideas and artist as curator.
2nd Feb 2007, 12:30am

Jan Fairley interviews Peter Gabriel for The Scotsman.

..."TALKING TO PETER GABRIEL, ONE IS struck by how he is as much into technology as music, and deeply involved in the political implications of both. You can see why Gabriel brought out the late Martyn Bennett's powerful roots-electronic album...
29th Jan 2007, 6:18pm

New Look and New Competition - win a day in the Big Room

Today sees some major changes to and the launch of our second Remix Competition - remixing Joi's 'Without Zero' could see you spending the day in Real World Studios flagship space, the Big Room. We hope you enjoy the new...
26th Jan 2007, 7:53pm

Peter's January Update.

Hello lunar viewers, welcome to the first of the  2007 Full Moon Club updates. Unfortunately normal service is yet to resume, so today's update is of the briefest nature.  Peter conveys his best wishes for the year ahead. 
3rd Jan 2007, 9:07pm's Interview with Peter

Better late than never - this interview was posted on October 28th, but if you haven't seen it, it's still worth a read. "...I'm always very slow and as with The Filter I'm very good at getting distracted. I am writing songs at the moment but...
18th Dec 2006, 2:29pm

Witness Fairlight CMI auction

Don’t miss the vintage Fairlight CMI keyboard aution in aid of Witness. Bid for a chance to own a Fairlight, the world’s first digital sampler which featured radical advances for its time. The keyboard features the signatures of 44 celebrity...
6th Dec 2006, 6:40pm

A fiver!

Peter Gabriel tour shirts in our shop are now reduced to the bargain price of £5 including delivery!
6th Dec 2006, 6:29pm

Peter's December video update available.

Peter's December update brings news of awards received and judgements to be made, music making progress; both alone and with Angélique Kidjo, a status report on "Father Christmas", thoughts on nuclear weaponry and news of Real World's invasion of...
5th Dec 2006, 10:51pm

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates select Peter Gabriel as 2006 Man Of Peace

On November 17, the Seventh World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome will present musician Peter Gabriel with the prestigious Man of Peace award. The award, presented by former President of the USSR and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail...
17th Nov 2006, 6:20pm

Signed Growing Up Live DVD for auction.

Peter has donated a signed Growing Up Live DVD for auction on 1st December, World Aids Day, with all the proceeds going to The Food Chain.
6th Nov 2006, 7:34pm

Peter's November update.

Peter's November Full Moon Club update is now available: he gives us news of awards for peace and musical achievement, plans for an alternative world leadership, a visit to Portcullis House to support the 'Phones 4 Africa' appeal (I can't seem to...
5th Nov 2006, 10:10am

2007 Wall Calendar

13th Oct 2006, 12:07pm

October Full Moon Club update

Peter's October update is now available. Peter gives us the low-down on's competition winners, whets our appetite for Little Axe and Sevara's forthcoming records, talks about Phase2 of 'The Digital Revolution', parties,...
7th Oct 2006, 6:42pm

Shock The Monkey remix competion results.

The competition is over, the result is in...We gathered together with Peter in The Writing Room for a mammoth listening session, playing through many mixes including the final compiled top twelve remixes from your competition charts...and, we...
7th Oct 2006, 4:59pm

Peter Gabriel awarded the 'Pioneer' Award by the BT Digital Music Awards

"The event is called the BT Digital Music Awards, which is taking place this year on October 3rd at the Roundhouse. It's the first music awards show to go into the Roundhouse since it's been refurbished and we're really looking forward to hosting...
4th Oct 2006, 11:11am

I can't take any more!

So that's it for entries in the Shock The Monkey Remix Competition. We must apologize for our minimal Hot Picks in the final batch, there were many great mixes, but we just didn't have time to engage our ears and minds for long enough to filter...
1st Oct 2006, 1:02am