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"United Against Malaria" Concert on Swiss Radio this Saturday.

It should be possible to hear Peter's perfrmance from the United Nations 60th anniversary event (to benefit malaria research) in Geneva on the Swiss radio channel 'Couleur3'. There's a Real Audio stream of the station, so perhaps it's possible...
4th Oct 2005, 1:50pm

Witness update

WITNESS is happy to be inaugurating the launch of two very special projects today: the first-ever comprehensive guide to using video for human rights, "Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism," and Artists Support, a...
29th Sep 2005, 5:25pm

Who Are Bacci Bros?

Hailing from ‘the Eternal City', Dario & Vezio Bacci bring the beauty and sensuality of Rome, Italy, to the dance floors in a mind-blowing meltdown of ‘music to make you move'. ....that's what they tell us on their site, but here in Real World's...
29th Sep 2005, 4:45pm

Youssou N'Dour & Friends

Peter will be playing at the United Nations 60th anniversary event (to benefit malaria research) which is to be held on the 8th of October in Geneva. He will only be performing on the night of the 8th and we do not know which songs as yet....
26th Sep 2005, 5:08pm

Tina's Update.

An Opera singer, an astronaut, an engine driver, a marine biologist, a kid, in a band, Scottish, Superman, Jimmy Osmond..." Who said what?
20th Sep 2005, 7:16pm

Africa Calling - DVD available for pre-order

The new DVD of the Live 8 concert featuring a wealth of African musicians, hosted by Peter Gabriel and WOMAD at The Eden Project in Cornwall, is now available for pre-order at WOMADShop.
17th Sep 2005, 1:28pm

In the absence of a space elevator, we offer a tower to the moon.

September's lunar height is upon us and to mark it's arrival we have pulled another demo from Peter's studio archive. Having spent most of the month working on the new DVD "Still growing Up: Peter Gabriel Live and Unwrapped",(some versions of...
17th Sep 2005, 12:19pm

Midnight Oil

Peter Gabriel 'Still Growing Up Live and Unwrapped', the new double DVD is beginning to form an exciting whole in front of our eyes...or is that a hole... Anyway, it's late and we've seen it on Amazon already, which is somewhere between exciting...
30th Aug 2005, 11:38pm

Darkness, Tina and the Full moon

Greetings lunatics, We must apologise for the relatively sparse nature of posts on the site of late. It's been all hands to the pumps here as we work on two new double DVD sets - "Africa Calling - Live 8 at Eden" and 'Peter Gabriel Still...
19th Aug 2005, 6:06pm

Pink Moon

it seems you have to wait late into this July's pink evening to catch a glimpse of the full moon. As a libation to the ears of all dedicated moon watchers we offer you 'Signal To Noise' This months track is a demo from around 1998. Nusrat Fateh...
21st Jul 2005, 10:22pm

Live 8: Africa Calling: BBC Five Live interview

Five Live's Phil Williams interviewed Peter Gabriel at the Africa Calling event on 2nd July.
4th Jul 2005, 4:41pm

Live 8: Africa Calling: Live web streams

Find out how you can watch and listen live to the Africa Calling Live 8 concert at Eden this weekend. The BBC has exclusive access to stream the entire event, so if you can't be there, follow the even from the BBC's site.
1st Jul 2005, 5:02pm

BBC Radio 4 interview.

Peter yesterday gave an interview about this weekends Live 8 'Africa Calling' event to Radio 4's 'PM' programme. We think the interview will air on this evenings programme, broadcast at 5PM B.S.T or live and on demand via the BBC website.
1st Jul 2005, 2:46pm

Africa Calling: "I feel panicked underneath!"

Peter Gabriel talks with Lucy Cavendish of the London Evening Standard about this satudays Africa Callin Live 8 event.
30th Jun 2005, 6:51pm

June Moon Illusion

If June's Full Moon is anything like last night's lunar glow, we should have a bright night about to bleed into the sun-drenched day here at Real World. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get Peter and a camera in the same place, but he has...
22nd Jun 2005, 8:43pm

Solid State Logic purchased by Peter Gabriel and David Engelke

Industry visionaries acquire the world’s leading console company Oxford, England June 2005: Solid State Logic is pleased to announce that the company’s assets have been acquired by a joint venture established by musician and technologist, Peter...
17th Jun 2005, 12:28pm

AFRICA CALLING at the Eden Project : July 2

A Live8 Event Presented in association with WOMAD (World of Music, Arts & Dance) The Eden Project is to stage a major Live8 concert on 2nd July under the banner of “Africa Calling”. The event will be programmed and presented in association with...
15th Jun 2005, 6:33pm

Peter on stage at 46664 Arctic

15th Jun 2005, 12:01pm

Peter Gabriel to find African acts for Live8

"...Bob Geldof revealed last night that he has enlisted fellow musician Peter Gabriel to find African acts for Live8, defusing a damaging row about the continent's acts being excluded from the main show. Blur frontman Damon Albarn and...
12th Jun 2005, 9:36am

Tina's Update.

Tina has a news and comprtition update on her pages.
10th Jun 2005, 9:48am

Peter Gabriel confirms 46664 ARCTIC – June 11, Tromsø, Norway

Peter has announced that he will join Nelson Mandela in his journey to the Arctic Circle next month where Mr. Mandela’s latest campaigning will take the form of 46664 Arctic, a truly global music concert featuring a host of artists from both...
26th May 2005, 5:24pm

Forum services resume

After an extended intermission the Forums on this site are now back in service.
25th May 2005, 3:01pm

May's Moon.

The moon is once more ripe and full which gives all members of The Full Moon Club a chance to pick up a juicy rarity from Peter's archive. 'Feed The Flame' is a 1992 mix of a track from the US sessions in 90-91, with hint of Dan Lanois on guitar...
23rd May 2005, 6:58pm

Forum Update

Just a quick note to let you know we are hoping to have the forums back by the end of the week. The weevils had got right through the hull in places, and it's taking a little while for engineering to generate the new parts, but they are on their...
23rd May 2005, 6:55pm

Forum Update

Just a quick note to let you know we are hoping to have the forums back by the end of the week. The weevils had got right through the hull in places, and it's taking a little while for engineering to generate the new parts, but they are on their...
23rd May 2005, 6:55pm

Tina's update and Forum weevils.

We are very sorry for the current lack of Forums on the site, it looks like we have another weevil infestation in some of the database core-flux modules, but I can assure you our technicians are battling the problem with the aim of bringing them...
12th May 2005, 11:42pm

A different road for April's Full Moon offering.

April's lunar zenith has reached us without the opportunity to record anything to video, however that's not to say the event is passing without notice. In a change of direction this month Peter has decided to bring you the chance to travel 'Dr...
24th Apr 2005, 5:22pm

Martyn Bennett Tribute Concert

Although it was an evening of great sadness the Tribute to Martyn on Friday 15 April at Queens Hall in Edinburgh was an extraordinary, moving and celebratory event. Opening with the Edinburgh Music School's performance of MacKay's Memoirs which...
21st Apr 2005, 6:19pm

My goat likes to travel

Tina has an update, with some interesting entries in her lyric based competition...."I squeeze the sponge and let the cat out”
8th Apr 2005, 10:51am

Be aware the ideas of March.

The sun is well past the yard arm on this springy day, so the maximum shine of March's moon will soon be upon us. Navigate to The Full Moon Club to watch this month's video log from Peter. Tales of parties at The Palace, flute playing, animal...
25th Mar 2005, 4:14pm

Legendary Blind Boys of Alabama vocalist George Scott dies at 75

We are very sad to announce that George Scott, one of the original members of the Blind Boys of Alabama, died in his sleep on Wednesday morning of complications from heart disease at his home in Durham, NC. He was 75. The booming baritone voice...
10th Mar 2005, 2:37pm

Buckingham Palace

What's this? Drinks at the Palace and hints of a new studio album are all to be found in Tina's update and competition. Find out more on the Palace story in the informative BBC News page..."When the Queen asked "what do you do?", Queen guitarist...
3rd Mar 2005, 6:35pm

Auction and raffle

The Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture on 10 March 2005 in aid of 'Save The Rhino' and 'Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund'.  The event is in celebration of the life and universe of Douglas Adams.   This year’s speaker is Mark Cawardine who will be describing...
3rd Mar 2005, 2:11pm

February Full Moon Video: Faster Download

February's video update should now be easier to view, it should download more rapidly as it's being hosted on the Akami network care of our friends at Apple.
28th Feb 2005, 10:46am

The moon's peak is upon us.

Full moon greetings to you. We're well into a dark wet evening here at Real World, a flurry of snow and heavy clouds allowing us little evidence of our lunar timepiece. We can't see it, but you may be able to, so we bring you two offerings. The...
24th Feb 2005, 9:08am

Yet Another Grammy for the Veteran Gospel Stars

Is there no stopping them? The wonderful Blind Boys of Alabama have just picked up their forth Grammy in as many years for their collaborative album with Ben Harper 'There Will Be A Light'! Their win was in the catagory of Best Traditional...
14th Feb 2005, 4:50pm

100 Greatest Videos...the results.

The results are in and those of you who sat through the full 4 hours 10 minutes will have seen Sledgehammer come in at number 2. Peter's video was just beaten to the winning post by Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. Thanks to everyone who voted...
7th Feb 2005, 12:57pm

The 100 Greatest Pop Videos

8:00pm - 12:10am Channel 4 Incredibly short notice, and possibly of minority interest to those reading these pages this evening as it relies on the ability to receive UK Channel 4 TV, but I’ve just seen this show listed, for which I seem to...
6th Feb 2005, 6:19pm

What's going on with Tina?

January is usually a dark month, but it's even darker if you've spent most of it with your head in a flight case...As you will see, there is no competition this month - yet. I thought that I might try something different.
4th Feb 2005, 2:09pm

Peter on Martyn Bennett

"We are all very upset to learn of Martyn's death. It has been such a delight for us to work with him over the last 4 years. He was mixing traditional Scottish music with contemporary grooves and arrangements in a very unique and soulful way....
31st Jan 2005, 1:28pm