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Michael Eavis and Real World Studios Search For New Unsigned Live Talent

Supported by Glastonbury's founder, Michael Eavis, Real World Studios, and the music industry's hottest new band Scouting for Girls, RockStar 08 aims to find the next biggest UK rock band. This year, RockStar 08 will offer an opportunity for the...
17th Apr 2008, 6:58pm

Retail therapy?

Those looking for a little retail therapy may like to check out our new web store - phase one of the new system has been launched today, hopefully providing a much improved experience. The shop will be growing in the months to come, with...
31st Mar 2008, 9:18pm

Suggest songs for Peter to cover

Peter's March video update is now available on the site. Amongst Ruminations on 'The Elders' meeting in Necca, work on Pixar's WALL e, Big Blue Ball, Amnesty International and a night out with Goldfrapp, Peter is asking for suggestions of songs...
21st Mar 2008, 6:07pm

LifeStraw wins Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas

The competition judged by Edward de Bono, Peter Gabriel, HRH Prince Hassan, Malcolm McLaren, Carolyn Porco and Philippe Starck has chosen a winner, a revolutionary personal water-purification tool for use in the developing world.
25th Feb 2008

'Book of Love' is wake-up call on space shuttle Atlantis

With the second day in swing for Atlantis’ first full day of orbit, the astronauts of the STS-122 began inspections of the space shuttle’s heat shield, while also preparing for Saturday’s docking with the International Space Station. Preparations...
8th Feb 2008, 12:15pm

World changing ideas award finalists announced

"The judging panel for the 2007 Award was announced earlier this month. It is a line up of outstanding individuals, all well known experts in their field and no strangers to innovation themselves - Edward de Bono, Peter Gabriel, HRH Prince...
23rd Jan 2008, 10:09pm

Peter's January update

We've made it past what is said to be statistically the most depressing day of the year, so despite Peter's broken leg and the never ending rain at Real World, things are looking up with the first Full Moon Update of the year. Peter talks about...
22nd Jan 2008, 7:33pm

We7 in the news

Relative to the technology around it, the music industry moves at a glacial pace - which is it's worth recording little announcements such as the one today that Peter Gabriel's digital download service We7 has received a further $6 million in...
22nd Jan 2008, 11:31am

Biko is at the Apartheid Museum

An exhibition at the Apartheid Museum traces the life and death of Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko, to show what is behind the icon. ...Besides the repeated recordings of Biko and Kruger, the constant refrain of Peter Gabriel's song,...
22nd Jan 2008, 11:27am

The Times on Davos

This year Klaus Schwab, the forum's formidable founder, executive chairman and global éminence grise seems to have banished the Hollywood hangers-on from the select Davos circle, returning the event to its bedrock of top leaders from business and...
19th Jan 2008, 3:41pm

I must be getting to that awards time of life

"In the past year, Gabriel has worked extensively to develop more of the globe-embracing ideas that have always been his stock in trade. He spoke with Billboard about some of them and what 2008 holds in store...."
19th Jan 2008, 3:38pm

Last update of the year.

In the last video update of the year Peter talks about last month's 46664 concert on South Africa, the long journey of the Big Blue Ball project and a night at the Led Zeppein concert at London's O2 Arena; which gave him his first trip to The...
24th Dec 2007, 2:09pm

People's £50 million Contest

Some of you may have seen that there is a competition run by the National Lottery, the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s £50 million Contest, which will be decided by a public vote in the UK. Tim Smit, the Founder of the Eden Project, who we have...
6th Dec 2007

'Long Way Down' released

Real World Records have today released a double CD "Long Way Down" with music featured in the TV series of the same name - Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's epic motorcycle journey from the northern-most tip of Scotland to the southern-most tip...
3rd Dec 2007, 6:31pm

Watch the 46664 concert online

Peter Gabriel will be performing at the 46664 concert which you can watch online. The broadcast begins Saturday, December 1st at 4:30pm (GMT) The 46664 World Aids Day concert, to be hosted at Ellis Park on December 1, is the fifth 46664 event...
1st Dec 2007, 2:51pm

46664 concert preparations

Richard Chappell ha added a quick Tour Diary enty, cataloguing the preparations for Peter's appearance at this Saturdays 46664 concert in Johannesburg.
29th Nov 2007, 3:04pm

Peter's November Update

Peter's November video update was posted on the site for Saturdays Full Moon, we've since replaced the file to fix issues some people were experiencing with the audio playback. This update brings news of the Witness 'Focus for Change' benefit...
26th Nov 2007, 2:37pm

The Hub

On November 7, 2007 WITNESS will be launching its newest project: The Hub for human rights media and action. The Hub will be a grassroots-driven, participatory media website that will enable anyone anywhere in the world with access to the...
24th Oct 2007, 5:40pm

Peter to play the 46664 concert

Peter is confirmed to play the 46664 concert in Johannesburg in December. Other artists announced are Annie Lennox, Ludacris, Corinne Bailey Rae, the Goo Goo Dolls, Razorlight and Jamelia. We'll let you know as soon as we have further information
15th Oct 2007, 4:57pm

Peter's shed

Solid State Logic announced it is now selling fully equipped 'replicas' of Peter Gabriel's private recording shed. Mix magazine editor Sarah Jones talks to Gabriel about this ambitious project.
12th Oct 2007, 8:42pm

MIDEM Personality of the Year Award

MIDEM, the world’s music market, will honour Peter Gabriel with the MIDEM Personality of the Year Award. Peter will receive the award at a gala dinner for industry executives at MIDEM in Cannes on Monday 28 January. "MIDEM has long been the...
4th Oct 2007, 4:27pm

How do you like them apples?

A veritable harvest of news in Peter's first update this side of the autumnal equinox. Sea Monsters, James Bond and Harry Potter mix with intelligent beings and old English counting songs.
27th Sep 2007, 10:38pm

'The Warm Up Tour' merchandise

Some iems from the recent tour have made their way into our store.
26th Sep 2007, 4:13pm

Put a remix on your page

A new addition to the Real World Remixed site is the 'Embed this remix on your web page' section on each remix page. Simply copy and paste the link provided to play a selected remix directly from your own blog/page/site. We're hoping to develop...
21st Sep 2007, 11:51am

Sevara on Real World Remixed

Sevara Nazarkhan's second Real World Record 'Sen' is released this week - described by HMV -"Sen is a looping, shimmering, beats-laden gem that will rightly be acclaimed as one of the great world music releases of the year." You can now download...
23rd Aug 2007, 10:40pm

Peter Gabriel to be honored as icon at BMI london awards

Peter Gabriel will be honored as a BMI Icon at the U.S. performing right organizations annual London Awards, set for Oct. 16 in the Londons Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane. The black-tie, invitation-only gala will recognize the U.K. and European...
21st Aug 2007, 12:41pm

Nusrat Was My Elvis

To mark the 10th anniversary of Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's death, journalist and film-maker Navid Akhtar examines the legacy of this musical megastar whose haunting voice enraptured millions across the globe and who successfully...
20th Aug 2007, 12:38pm

10 Year Anniversary of the Death of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

August 16th 2007 is the 10th anniversary of the loss of one of the world's most outstanding vocalists - the great Sufi qawwal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Touched by genius, Nusrat was undoubtedly, spiritualy and technically, one of the greatest...
16th Aug 2007, 12:46pm

Monte Carlo or bust!

The sun is shining in Monte Carlo and Richard Chappell has called in excitedly about tonight's venue. Our advice, get yourself there by any menas - Monaco Sporting looks like a fantastic venu for an intimate Peter Gabriel performance, tickets...
24th Jul 2007, 4:56pm

Peter Gabriel at the launch of The Elders project

Peter's in South Africa today for the lauch of a long cherished ide "The Elders". Several years ago entrepreneur Richard Branson and Peter discussed with Nelson Mandela the obstacles to solving difficult conflicts facing the world. Their idea of...
18th Jul 2007, 2:31pm

Ticket auction.

As our world rapidly evolves to one global village, there is a need for a group of well respected leaders who will use their wisdom, leadership and moral courage to help make our planet a more peaceful, healthy and equitable place to live.  Peter...
17th Jul 2007, 6:58pm


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the WOMAD Festival a dvd will be produced of its history and 5 x 10 minute films by different directors about the festival in 2007. Each film director will deliver a unique 10 minute piece relating to the...
12th Jul 2007, 11:30am

The Return of the Zawose Family

The name of Hukwe Zawose is legendary in East African music and beyond. His appearances at past WOMAD Festivals have become mythic, his recordings for Real World Records and his work with Peter Gabriel and Michael Brook established this great...
5th Jul 2007, 6:05pm

High dresses The Warm Up Tour

The British designer Claire Campbell, who is recognized as a leading creative talent in contemporary clothing design, has drawn on her 20-year s experience to create the clothing Peter and the band are wearing on 'The Warm Up Tour: Summer 07'....
2nd Jul 2007, 6:42pm

Full Moon Club - Tour Galleries.

Members of The Full Moon Club can now share their images of The Warm Up Tour: Summer 07 with other users, simply visit your 'Profile' page and use the for to add images. Users who have added images will have an icon displayed next to their...
26th Jun 2007, 6:00pm

Kong Nay

Peter Gabriel talks about the music of Kong Nay and the work of Cambodian Living Arts.
26th Jun 2007, 4:00pm

Hannover: The show goes a new venue.

It seems we really can't escape the rain, which has been so crazy in Hannover that we've had to relocate tonight's show. We've moved indoors to the AWD Hall, which is just across the road from the original venue, the Gilde Parkbuhne - so...
26th Jun 2007, 10:00am

Daby Touré Announced as Peter Gabriel support act in France

Rising star of African music, the young Daby Touré has just been announced as the support act for Peter Gabirel at the festival Vielles Charrues, Carhaix, West France. The event has a great line up of music, including Toumast (newly signed to...
25th Jun 2007, 6:27pm

20 Eden Special Access passes

The 20 winners from the competition mentioned here have now been emailed - we're all just hoping for sunshine at Eden! If you are going to be at the Peter's Eden show on Wednesday you might like to enter the competition in our latest mailout,...
18th Jun 2007, 7:23pm

The Flute Player

Alongside gearing up for the tour, Peter's Engineer, Richard Chappell, has been hard at work promoting 'The Flute Player'; a screening of a one hour documentary film about the life and work of Arn Chorn-Pond and a performance of traditional music...
13th Jun 2007, 7:35pm