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Come and Join Us at Wembley.

The end of the 'Still Growing Up' tour is approaching, with the Wembley shows being the last opportunity to see the full 'in the round' production of this tour. Peter wants the show to go out with a bang and so is offering you the chance to come...
4th Jun 2004, 11:41am

Sizer Barker send fresh reports of life on the road with PG

The sun is out and there's a big fibre-glass swan being pedalled round in circles by an ice-cream eating couple. Roller-blading mums speed prams up and down the cycle path.
3rd Jun 2004, 3:16pm

Daby Touré CD available for preorder

Diam, Daby Touré's forthcoming release is now available for preorder in WOMADshop. Daby locked himself away for several years to work on his first solo album 'Diam', collaborating with electronic musician and digital wizard Cyrille Dufay. Daby...
2nd Jun 2004, 11:08am

The Music Revolution

Peter made an appearace on BBC Radio 4's 'Shop Talk' this week to talk about the impact of new tecnology on the music industry.
27th May 2004, 12:30pm

The Life Of A Support Band

What's it like to find yourselves the first signing on Peter's new label and then to climb up on that big round stage? Sizer barker tell us about the experience over at the fledgling PRE records site. You will find information on the band, a...
24th May 2004, 4:39pm

Peter in Milan with Daby Toure

Daby Touré is a new signing to Real World and can currently be seen supporting Peter Gabriel on tour. He is seen here performing "In Your Eyes' at the recent Milan show.
19th May 2004, 4:39pm

New Tour dates added

Akademik Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria has been added on June 21st
19th May 2004

Peter to be honoured with the 2004 Music industry Trusts' Award

Peter Gabriel will be the 2004 recipient of the prestigious annual Music Industry Trusts' Award. The Award will be presented on the evening of 1 November at London's Grosvenor House. The UK music industry will celebrate and honour a music...
19th May 2004

Growing Up On Tour Available Online!

We now have Anna's film available to buy online, and also have a feature now available with an interview with Anna and Peter, a preview video showing clips from the film and all the techincal info you should need to know before purchasing.
11th May 2004

New signing Daby Toure support Peter Gabriel on tour

Daby Toure, or just 'Daby' as he's known in the world of music, grew up in southern Mauritania, an arid land where the sands of the Sahara mingle with the grasses and stunted trees of the sahel, and where the Arabic and Moorish cultures of North...
6th May 2004, 4:05pm

Anna Gabriel 'Growing Up On Tour: A Family Portrait'

Concert goers at tonight's Dortmund show will be the first to get their hands on our new DVD. Anna Gabriel's film follows the 'Growing Up Live' tour from rehearsal to the last show. Both NTSC and PAL discs are available exclusively at the tour...
5th May 2004, 3:54pm

Supporting Acts for Still Growing Up Tour

Peter has selected two very different acts to support him on tour - each reflecting his own musical tastes. Inspired by the unique song-writing talents of a new band from Liverpool Peter did not hesitate to pursue Sizer Barker and sign the band...
5th May 2004, 11:00am

Peter Gabriel to play WOMAD Sicily

It has just been confirmed that Peter Gabriel is to play at WOMAD Sicily on Sunday July 4th. Tickets are not yet on sale but will be available online within the next few weeks from Information is available from the Taoarte...
30th Apr 2004

Burn You Up Single Re-Release

We have just heard that some outposts of Virgin Records have re-released the Burn You Up single. Engelspost who remixed "Darkness" on the single will also be releasing a version on vinyl in the near future.
27th Apr 2004

Tina's update

Tina has been sifting through your competition entries and has fresh news and results.....
23rd Apr 2004

VIP Tickets

The tour office have found a few more VIP tickets that had fallen down the cracks, so be sure to keep checking availability...
23rd Apr 2004

"Growing Up On Tour: a Family Portrait"

We've had our noses pressed to the grindstone completing "Growing Up On Tour: a Family Portrait" the DVD of Anna Gabriel's film following the tour of 2002/3. The DVD will be available in NTSC and PAL exclusively from tour venues and
23rd Apr 2004

New Poll!

Finally we have a new poll for you to contribute to. We have been asked by Peter to get your feedback on some new tour T-Shirt designs. So click on the polls link on the bottom menu and get voting!
15th Apr 2004

VIP Tour tickets.

We have been looking at the response to our special Dortmund ticket offer, and although some people are upset at the late nature of the offer, the balance of feedback was pretty even. We have decided to go ahead and make a similar offer for the...
15th Apr 2004

Peter Gabriel and Sevara on BBC4 tonight.

9:00 - 10:30 PM Radio 3 awards for World Music Mary Ann Kennedy and Benjamin Zephaniah introduce highlights from the awards ceremony at the prestigious Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Sevarra won the Asia category at this event. 10:30 - 11:30 PM Peter...
12th Mar 2004


In an exciting evening of “firsts”, The Newport International Film Festival will kick-off the 2004 season with Peter Gabriel, performing his first ever solo performance at Gray Craig, a breathtaking private estate outside famed Newport, Rhode...
17th Feb 2004

STILL GROWING UP 2004 TOUR: Two new dates

Just confirmed another German show in Karlesruhe. Full show in the round on 23rd May. Details to follow . Peter is to headline The Rock in Lisbon Festival on May 29th.
30th Jan 2004

New Competition from Tina

Tina has a fantastic new prize to offer in her new competition.
30th Jan 2004

MUDDA website launched.

More information on Peter's newly launched MUDDA - Magnificent Union of Digitaly Downloading Artists can now be found at the link below.
28th Jan 2004

Magnificent Union of Digitaly Downloading Artists - MUDDA

"Four years ago I co-founded (and am now a shareholder in) a digital downloading service with Charles Grimsdale, called OD2. I got involved because I thought there were interesting opportunities and I wanted to have access to digital delivery...
26th Jan 2004

Box office details - Switzerland

We've just added the Swiss box office details - Ticket Hotline: 0041 (0) 848 800 800 or to buy online from - to our 'Still Growing UP" tour dates.
22nd Jan 2004

Brighton Poster and Tshirt available at

20th Jan 2004


A little information on the forthcoming dates has found it's way to us. Speaking of the new dates, Peter said: “ We all had a great time on the Growing Up tour last year, but sadly we couldn’t take it to as many places as we wanted to, so we...
20th Jan 2004

Sevara Nazarkhan

Anyone who saw Sevara as part of the Growing Up Tour last year, or who has enjoyed her Yol Bolsin CD on Real World Records might like to give her their support in the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music 2004. The audience award is a chance for...
15th Jan 2004

Dr Hukwe Zawose 1938 - 2003

We start the year with the very sad news of Dr Hukwe Zawose's death. Early last year you may have been lucky enough to see Hukwe and his nephew Charles with Peter as support act during the Growing Up Tour. “I was devastated to hear of...
1st Jan 2004

Burn You Up, Burn You Down

At last copies of "Burn You Up, Burn You Down' have materialized, so even though we're a week late, we want to point you in the he direction of Peter's new single.
1st Dec 2003

46664 Concert

Peter and the band are now on their way back from the fantastic 46664 concert in South Africa. We've just had this shot of the 'Biko" rehersal in and thought you might like to take a look.
1st Dec 2003

Big Hat

Well, the entries for the tickets to the session with Peter here at Real World ended on the stoke of 12 midnight, so we are now putting all the names in a huge hat. Thanks for all the entries to that and the BBC Children In Need ticket draw. It...
9th Nov 2003

Martyn Bennett to support Peter in Brighton

Martyn Bennett was confirmed yesterday as the support for the show coming up at The Brighton Centre on the 24th. Peter and the band are together for the BBC Children in Need Concert and the Nelson Mandela 46664 concert and so have sandwiched...
6th Nov 2003

New Live Dates

In addition to our competition to see Peter in exclusive session here at the Studios we have a few other interesting events in the pipeline. Keep an eye on the tours section for updates and a reminder of the password. 21/11/03 Peter will...
4th Nov 2003

Come and see Peter at Real World Studios

With the simultaneous release of the new double CD HIT and the Growing Up Live DVD on Monday, and Peter Gabriel are making a very special offer available Buy both products together at womadshop and have your name entered in a...
29th Oct 2003

New tour Tshirt added

The elves had been busy overnight and we came in to find a big pile of tour Tshirts waiting to go on sale. Impress your friends with the groupie look by picking up this exclusive tour merchandise over at .
21st Oct 2003

Growing Up DVD

Last night saw the press preview of our new DVD in the sumptuous screening rooms of London's Charlotte Street Hotel. We thought we would like you to get a little taste of what is to come and so have a QuickTime video preview, information and...
15th Oct 2003

The month's lunar peak.

Happy Full Moon - to celebrate this month's lunar peak we have added the Martyn Bennett remix of Sky Blue to the Full Moon Club downloads page. It's available in AAC and MP3 formats. This moon seems to be exhibiting a bit of useful...
13th Oct 2003

PG Content in Notes 16

Anyone wondering what Real World Notes is can now buy the latest copy as a hassle free, no subscription standalone product. Notes 16 is packed with features on Real World, WOMAD and Peter Gabriel. Along with the pullout PG news section this...
1st Oct 2003