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'Come Talk To Me' and 'Flume' released today on iTunes

30th Mar 2010

Peter's Full Moon update for March

30th Mar 2010

London. show 1

28th Mar 2010


We're in Berlin, and thankfully the piano has arrived in one piece. The special access ticket-holders are gathering for the soundcheck at 3.
24th Mar 2010

Paris Tour Diary is up

24th Mar 2010

Belin 02 rehersals

Ben Foster puts the 'New Blood' orchestra through their paces in Berlin and Tom Cawley warms up at the piano.
24th Mar 2010

The first half is over - 'New Blood' at Bercy

22nd Mar 2010, 9:00pm

Soundcheck = Bercy

The soundcheck has just ended, but activity is frantic as the production gears-up for tonight's show. Hopefully our Soundcheck ticket buyers enjoyed the spectacle.
22nd Mar 2010, 3:00am

Bercy awaits.

It's already warm in Bercy as we prepare for tonights concert. Peter is about to soundcheck, and Tom Cawley is preparing at the piano.
22nd Mar 2010, 2:00am

'New Blood' Tour Diary update from Richard Chappell

You can catch up on the news direct from the heart of Peter Gabriel's 'New Blood' production with Dickie Chappell's latest posting from Paris.
22nd Mar 2010

Radio France 'New Blood' warm-up

We've survived the first outing for 'New Blood' with an amazing evening at Radio France Studio 104. Fears of being hit full on by a speeding train were dispelled as it became clear the show could work. Ane Brun broke the ice with a couple of...
21st Mar 2010

Peter Gabriel on Charlie Gillett

"I am extremely sad to hear about Charlie Gillett's death. He has been such a benign Godfather to so many artists who have fallen under the name of world music, as their first home on the radio, their record label and most of all, their...
18th Mar 2010

Peter Gabriel - Paris warm-up winners

We've just mailed all the winners of tickets for Saturday's warm-up show at Radio France Studio 104 in Paris. Congratulations to the winners.
15th Mar 2010

Catch up with Peter's NPR Weekend Edition appearance.

If you missed Peter's appearance on Weekend Edition, you can now catch up on the web. Peter is featured on the NPR music home page and you can listen on-line to the Weekend Edition segment
14th Mar 2010

2 'Scratch' 7 inch singles for Record Store Day

Record Store Day on April 17th will see two 7" singles from the 'Scratch My Back' project available in independent record stores. Real World will release the Peter Gabriel 'Book Of Love' and Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Field's 'Not One Of...
10th Mar 2010

Peter Gabriel on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday 14 March

Peter took time out from 'New Blood' preparations to talk with Audie Cornish for NPR's Weekend Edition. The interview will be broadcast on Sunday 14 March.
10th Mar 2010

Ane Brun to join Peter Gabriel on 'New Blood' dates.

Ane Brun will be joining Peter and Melanie Gabriel on stage for the upcoming New Blood dates, kicking off with the warm-up show in Paris on March 20th. Ane Brun is a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, born in Molde, Norway in 1976. Since 2003...
5th Mar 2010

Win tickets for Peter Gabriel's warm-up show in Paris on March 20th

As a precursor to the 'New Blood' dates in which Peter is bringing the live 'Scratch My Back' experience to select venues - Peter Gabriel, orchestra, no drums, no guitars - there will be a 'warm up' show with the Radio France Orchestra at Studio...
5th Mar 2010

Scratch My Back - now released in the U.S.A

The long wait is over in the U.S.A today where 'Scratch My Back' is released today, so it should now be available pretty much everywhere. Given Peter's comments, quoted in the New York Times yesterday, the later release in the U.S is in keeping...
2nd Mar 2010

Not quite, but nearly...

"It is daffodil time, so the robins all cry, For the sun's a big daffodil up in the sky, And when down the midnight the owl call "to-whoo"! Why, then the round moon is a daffodil too; Now sheer to the bough-tops the sap starts to climb, So,...
1st Mar 2010

The Boy In The Bubble and Biko on iTunes today

February's Full Moon sees the release of the second 'double A-side' - Digi 45 from the 'Scratch My Back' project on iTunes. Peter Gabriel's version of 'The Boy In The Bubble' and Paul Simon's reciprocal cover of 'Biko' Peter, Paul Simon, Bob...
28th Feb 2010, 8:40pm

Peter's February Full Moon Video Update

Peter's Ferbuary update finds him busy in the studio with Bob Ezrin and John Metcalfe working on arrangements for the 'New Blood' dates. Watch out for more news of a special date coming up in Paris.
28th Feb 2010, 8:39pm

Tina's update - win tickets for 28th March at London O2

"On Peter's behalf, I would like to say a big thank you for your birthday greetings, cards and gifts. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.... ....I have divided the competition into two sections: 'New Blood' in which the the first name out...
24th Feb 2010

Spring detected

Sighs of relief as signs of spring emerge around the studio in Box
24th Feb 2010

Peter Gabriel in Mojo

"The art-rock guru looks back on his astonishing 40-year career. From fronting progressive masters Genesis to solo pop success, his is a story of restless toil and adventure. With a new album set for release in March, Gabriel guides us through a...
23rd Feb 2010

Hear Peter on The Radcliffe & Maconie Show tonight

Peter Gabriel will be appearing on The Radcliffe & Maconie Show on BBC Radio 2 this evening. The show starts at 8PM GMT. If you can't get it on the radio, you may be able to listenon-line. Links are on the BBC web page.
22nd Feb 2010 countdown to release in the U.S.A are running a promotion with a new video clip and audio sample focusing on each track from 'Scratch My Back' in turn until the release of the album in the U.S.A on March 2nd.
18th Feb 2010

New Blood competition winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 'New Blood' ticket competition. We've emailed our three winners whose names were drawn at random from the correct entries. The winners came from the UK, Germany and Italy and have each won a pair of tickets...
18th Feb 2010

'Scratch My Back' Vinyl - CD - Download - T-shirt

A whole host of 'Scratch My Back' loveliness has been added to our store.
17th Feb 2010

Montreal Tickets

There's been a problem with our links for Montreal tickets. They should now be working.
16th Feb 2010

Scratch My Back - iTunes LP available

As 'Scratch My Back' is released in various territories, another format option becomes available, you'll be able to order 'Scratch My Back' as an iTunes LP. The links seem to be different in each territory, but a quick search in the iTunes...
15th Feb 2010

"It is a beautiful album..."

"I'll always want an angle, something to separate me from the pack," he says, mischievously. "I'm sure I'm just a marketing man in disguise." He insists this is not some kind of stopgap, masking his own notoriously slow creative process, but a...
14th Feb 2010

New Blood -Peter Gabriel Live show update,

We have a second Montreal Bell Centre date, April 29th available as 'fan club' pre-sale today. Links and details are in the Live section. Other North American dates should also be on general sale from today, and we have exclusive 'sound-check...
13th Feb 2010

Sledghammer in Billboard 50 (sex songs?)

'Sledgehammer' is in Billboard's '50 best chart performing songs about sex' at number 31. Isn't it about gardening and the infinite possibilities of human kinds inventiveness and transformational powers?
11th Feb 2010

Listen to 'Scratch My Back' in full

The Guardian have an exclusive preview of Peter Gabriel's new album, you can stream the whole of 'Scratch My Back'
10th Feb 2010

Great back-scratches coming in at realworldremixed

An amazing day's listening at Real World Remixed. As regular contributor AndreasF says "Is there any upload not a "Hotpick" today? I don't think so. I can't remember a day in history of RWR with so many high quality remixes in it." This one...
10th Feb 2010

Remixers scratch Peter's back - and Charlie's too.

An interesting day for remixes at Real World Remixed. Although we have not officially announced any competition rules as yet, we are working on them. It looks like we will try to make 3 or 4 Peter Gabriel tracks available in conjunction with...
9th Feb 2010

'Scratch My Back' vinyl is coming

It's official, there will be versions of the album available for vinyl affectionados. Plans are also underway for a deluxe box-set which is looking really beautiful. We'll keep you posted.
8th Feb 2010

North American pre-sale

Full Moon Club members can now follow exclusive pre-sale links for 'soundcheck access' and standard tiickets to the Montreal, New York and Los Angeles 'New Blood' shows.
6th Feb 2010, 1:00am

Flume on The Hype Machine

Can you spare a moment to help us build a buzz around 'Flume'?
6th Feb 2010