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Growing Up DVD

DVD production is in the final stages here, and were it not for the fact that were not very good at blowing our own trumpets, we would be raving on about it. The DTS audio in particular is sounding fantastic, but the disc also has Dolby...
24th Sep 2003

PG TShirts in WOMADShop

I can't give any information on HIT just yet, or the DVD for that matter, but I can give a gratuitus commercial plug for the new additions of 'Growing Up Tour' merchandise to WOMADShop. Click the 'New' button on the front of the store .
23rd Sep 2003

The Forums Return

Shock and amazement, the forums are back. Not only is the system back up, but all (yes, even the long lost threads we had to remove several months ago) the original posts are back. We have also added a few new features such as icons and instant...
11th Sep 2003

Tina's Update

We are deep into the unexplored centre of DVD land here, but we've taken a moment to post Tina 's update and competition. Work is also progressing on the new Forum system - it should be back with us soon, faster, shinier, and integrating the...
11th Sep 2003

Tour merchandise in

The first of the tour merchandise is beginning to arrive at Currently the European programme and poster are available to buy online.
3rd Sep 2003

site updates

You may have noticed that the forums are currently offline along with other parts of our sites such as the store. We are carrying out some major upgrades to the systems, so please be patient and these areas will soon return only...
15th Aug 2003

Full Moon Time Again!

Not wanting to miss the Full Moon we're marking this month with an uptempo remix of Growing Up by Breakbeat producer Stabilizer. Click Here To Listen
13th Aug 2003

Don't tell anyone, but........

Li Capanni is a small private hotel set in twelve acres of its own land in one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Sardinia. Comprising twenty individual rooms in charming terracotta cottages, it nestles along the natural contour of the...
12th Aug 2003

Super Audio CD

Our Super Audio CD information has itself been remastered..... In some ways I was tempted to go back and remix things; but its a difficult thing - although its an interesting thing for the artist, almost inevitably audiences are less approving,...
5th Aug 2003

New Encore Dates Deluxe editions

The first four shows from the U.S Summer Tour have now been added to the Encore collection, completing the set of 19 shows. Two new collectors editions are also available. The Deluxe Road Case is limited to 150 copies worldwide and they tell me...
4th Aug 2003

Full Moon

Peter wanted us to mark this month's full moon in some way, the lunar inspired updates have slipped slightly over the past months into more of a full venue driven timetable. The band are currently heading for tomorrow night's West Palm Beach...
13th Jun 2003

This Moment

As the band flew to America today for the start of the US tour, Melanie's boat was seen arriving back here at Real World. There were reports of sadness in Barcelona as the round stage had it's last appearance, I think everyone was beginning to...
5th Jun 2003

Tina's Update

It seems our own 'Tina' was perched atop the Duomo in Milan watching the events below. Our well informed traveler reveals all in her update. Does she have inside information? Anyone who found the hidden page of information for those curios as...
4th Jun 2003

The Zorb Escapes to Milan!

8th May 2003

Growing Up Promo

Watch the new 'Growing Up' video, hot off the press today. It will be available on DVD single in the coming weeks - with a 5.1 surround version of the album track as a mind expanding bonus
16th Apr 2003

Growing UP

We have a new section with information on the newly released Secret World Live DVD - you may have seen it before, but the real bonus is for those with a surround sound system to listen to the newly mastered 5.1 surround sound.
16th Apr 2003

Peter to return to U.S.A

News seems to be filtering out that Peter is to return with a new tour of the U.S.A in June this year, so I'm going to throw a little more light on the plans. The tour will be taking a different form to last years 'Growing UP Live'. Those who saw...
1st Mar 2003

New Tour Dates

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted the growing list of tour dates for the coming months. Unfortunately it has not proved possible to get any pre-sale agreements in place for these dates, but hopefully you will still find yourselves at...
13th Jan 2003

Magnificent Union of Digitaly Downloading Artists - MUDDA

"Four years ago I co-founded (and am now a shareholder in) a digital downloading service with Charles Grimsdale, called OD2. I got involved because I thought there were interesting opportunities and I wanted to have access to digital delivery...
1st Jan 2003

Children In Need and DVD Update

For those with access to BBC1 Peter will be performing for the Children In Need appeal live from Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr Tydfil, Wlaes tonight. We have been informed the concert will be on around 9pm but as this is live TV there is a chance...
1st Jan 2003