Back to Front Winter tour

The Back to Front tour is back on the road in the UK and Europe during November and December. With dates across the UK as well as Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, it promises to be a perfect way to beat the winter blues.

Here, in their own words, Peter and the band give a little insight into what you can expect and how they feel about the Back to Front tour…

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Peter Gabriel

pg2Normally I’m a forward-facing artist, and this was the first time that I’d turned round, if you like. So it was bringing back a bit of my history and putting it up front. That was the very simple idea.

We do three sections so, your starter is an acoustic section and the second section is more the savoury equivalent which is the experimentation and the electronics area. The third section, the dessert is the album ‘So’ from start to finish in the order that it was originally intended.

The three courses aren’t really separating the different styles so much as different parts of the process. I did think it was important to have some of the more difficult material in there as well, you know that it probably wouldn’t be one of my shows if it was just all the hits!

Tony Levin

I think the thing that charms me about this particular band of Peter’s is there’s a lot of wildcard manoeuvres, there’s a lot of surprises each night musically. You could play Peter’s music the same every night, and it would be very good and it would be a lot of fun, but this happens to have a lot of guys in the band who just change things, and it’s hard to describe why that makes it so much fun on the road but it does

Manu Katche

We love what we do and, I love playing his music, and I love to be with those guys and having fun on stage and even rehearsing, which I’m not a big fan of rehearsals, but I love gigs, and then you have the audience reacting. It’s amazing; it’s something very special.

drDavid Sancious

On the original [So] tour we didn’t play every song on the album… but this time I think some of the songs we’re playing better than ever, like Big Time, for example, I think it’s never sounded better live. The arrangement we’ve come up with now is fantastic.

David Rhodes

There’s something, when you’re in a gang, a small gang, and you make a lot of noise it’s great, there’s something very precious about it.

Jennie Abrahamson

I think my favourite part right now is the section in between the opening, the acoustic part and the So part, because the audience doesn’t know what’s coming next.

Linnea Olsson

I think there’s a sense of us being very honest on stage. I feel like we’re all are as we are, we don’t hide behind anything, we just go for it and enjoy.