The Encore Series


The first tour to get the Encore Series treatment was the Still Growing Up summer tour of 2003 in the USA.

The idea is a simple one, record the shows directly from the soundboard, overseen by Peter’s front of house sound engineer – in most cases Ben Findlay – and then professionally master and manufactured 2CD sets consisting of the complete, unedited live recordings.

Peter’s first live album Plays Live contains the classic liner note statement; “… some additional recording took place not a thousand miles away from the home of the artiste. The generic term of this process is ‘cheating’.” The Encore Series, by contrast, gives the listener the full show, just as it was on the night and no ‘cheating’!

Since the first outing for Encore in 2003, the Still Growing Up European tour of 2004, The Warm Up Tour of 2007 and the Back to Front shows of 2012, 2013 and 2014 have all be recorded for the series.

The Encore Series consist of a 2CD gatefold package with exclusive artwork by Real World. They are unique for each concert, and city. For the later tours Collector’s Edition Box Sets and Deluxe Limited Edition numbered Road Cases have also been available.

See the full list of currently available shows here