Making of the i/o Box Set

The Box Set for i/o is released on 26 April, 2024 and these images by Daniel Mason from Something Else, who over saw the printing and manufacturing, give a sneak peak into the printing process of the Box Set elements.

Daniel tells us more about the process….

The i/o box set presented a number of production challenges in its journey to completion

Prior to manufacture we prototyped and print proofed the key elements of the box and the front cover image. These trials informed key decisions on facets of this part of the project

The box cover foil blocking area pushed the limits of the extent of this process. The ability to foil block such a large area (and retain the clarity and complexity of the design) seemed to be a daunting task and we wanted to preserve a tactile nature via the debossing that this process affords

It must also be noted that the foil type also allows the design to change in different lighting conditions

The record sleeves were printed with 2 impressions to view; Bright side on one sheet and Dark side on another.

The book was printed over a marathon 3 day period with each page being treated as a work of art in its own right

All of the packaging elements were manufactured by automated processes all requiring a granular attention to detail to optimise the design and to celebrate process, substrate and construction

It has been a real pleasure to be involved with i/o and we hope we have delivered a peerless exemplar within the packaging for music genre.

i/o Box Set
Graphic design: Marc Bessant
Design concept: Marc Bessant and Peter Gabriel
Print parts: Something Else
LPs: Pallas
Optical discs: Optimal

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