“[Gabriel] seamlessly and unshowily integrates the plethora of world-beat guest players into his ethereal post-art-rock sound” – Los Angeles Times

Following the phenomenal success of 1986’s So was always going to be a tall order but, six years later, US gave it a damn good crack, achieving platinum sales in several countries. This was arguably Peter’s most personal record yet as he stepped into the confessional to explore and dissect many of the relationship issues he was then experiencing.

But US is far from just being bleakly introspective. It continues the now well-established Gabriel motif of mixing high technology (William Orbit supplies programming in places) with decidedly analogue contributions from musicians from West Africa, Egypt and Armenia. Reunited with Daniel Lanois as co-producer, Peter extends the hand of collaboration to Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones as well as Brian Eno, Peter Hammill and Sinead O’Connor.

US features several tracks that go on to be among the most cherished in the Gabriel songbook, including Digging In The Dirt, Blood Of Eden and Steam, the latter – in making the UK top ten – becoming the highest placed single from the album.

“I had a chance to work with Sinead O’Connor who is another fantastic and emotional singer. She sings from the gut and that was a powerful thing for me. I think that what happens on the Come Talk To Me track, which I’d written for my younger daughter, was strong. It was also strong performing it live.

“I’m pleased that, with hindsight, US is now getting better regarded. I think it has some of my best songs on it.”