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Secret World Live

Secret World Live
Release date : 29th August 1994
  1. Come Talk To Me
  2. Steam
  3. Across The River
  4. Slow Marimbas
  5. Shaking The Tree
  6. Red Rain
  7. Blood Of Eden
  8. Kiss That Frog
  9. Washing Of The Water
  10. Solsbury Hill
  11. Digging In The Dirt
  12. Sledgehammer
  13. Secret World
  14. Don't Give Up
  15. In Your Eyes

Secret World Live

“More than the studio originals, these versions elaborate on the dramatic potential inherent in them – the heat and magnitude of rhythm, the human/animal ambiguity of an otherworldly cry”Rolling Stone

Secret World Live contains 15 tracks from the Secret World tour of 1993. Recorded over two nights in Modena in northern Italy, this 15-track collection spans Peter’s solo career until that point; from debut single Solsbury Hill right up to Digging In The Dirt, Steam and Blood Of Eden from US, what was – at the time – his most recent studio album.

The shows feature a rather formidable line-up of special guests, among them Peter’s old mucker Daniel Lanois, Congolese superstar Papa Wemba, the Memphis Horns and guitarist Leo Nocentelli from The Meters. In marshalling this array of talent – and in putting in a thoroughly committed and total performance himself – Peter further consolidated his reputation as a ringmaster of dynamism and daring.

  1. CD
  2. Digital