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Live Blood

Live Blood
Release date : 23rd April 2012
  1. CD
  2. Digital

  1. Intruder

  2. Wallflower

  3. The Boy in the Bubble

  4. Apres Moi

  5. The Drop

  6. Washing Of The Water

  7. The Book of Love

  8. Darkness

  9. The Power Of The Heart

  10. Biko

  11. San Jacinto

  12. Digging In The Dirt

  13. Signal To Noise

  14. Downside Up (featuring Melanie Gabriel)

  15. Mercy Street - David Byrne

  16. The Rhythm Of The Heat - Bon Iver

  17. Blood Of Eden - Regina Spektor

  18. Red Rain - Stephin Merritt

  19. Solsbury Hill - Joseph Arthur

  20. In Your Eyes - Randy Newman

  21. Dont Give Up (featuring Ane Brun) - Arcade Fire

  22. The Nest That Sailed The Sky - Elbow

Live Blood

“The new arrangements open up dark alleyways of meaning” – The Independent

Recorded at Hammersmith Apollo in March 2011 and released the following year, Live Blood is exactly what its name suggests – the live incarnation of Peter’s New Blood project where he reworked a chunk of his back catalogue for a 46-piece orchestra. It was the inevitable next step for such an artistically successful project and the live version, reordering songs and adding a couple more (Signal To Noise and Biko), was more than up to the task.

Brilliantly recorded, Live Blood captures every drop of that live show’s essence – the drama, the darkness, the sense of occasion. A wide palette of emotion is drawn from, while the orchestra change gear and mood without dropping a beat, from the triumphantly skipping Solsbury Hill to the furious maelstrom that concludes The Rhythm Of The Heat. And everything in between.

“As the New Blood project evolved, it grew into something different from anything else I’d done or heard, and I really wanted to take it out live on its own terms and not as a support for Scratch – which we did.”