To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the WOMAD Festival a dvd will be produced of its history and 5 x 10 minute films by different directors about the festival in 2007.

Each film director will deliver a unique 10 minute piece relating to the Womad festival. Under the Done and Dusted wing of Hamish Hamilton directors will be sought to deliver treatment/script of their idea.

Directors will be encouraged to think outside the box whilst sticking to the brief of relating to the WOMAD Festival.

Directors Brief from Hamish Hamilton

On July 29 2007 in the English countryside begins the 25th year of the WOMAD Festival. Directors are invited to suggest an idea for a 10 minute film they can make relating to the festival.

Chosen films will be commissioned and delivered to end up on a DVD celebrating 25 years of WOMAD.

Crew will be given passes for WOMAD as necessary access where possible.

We are looking for unique viewpoints and will welcome brilliant ideas that embrace the infinite possibilities of connected stories. WOMAD Festival is about world music, arts and dance.

Directors interested in this project please send treatments and scripts to:
Every race, age and sex welcome. Ideas by 0900 on the 18 July please.

Films will need to be shot and delivered on DV quality or above.

There is a £4,000 fund to help in the making of each film and a budget for how this is to be spent should also be submitted.