WITNESS 25th Anniversary

On 11 May 2017 WITNESS will celebrate its 25th Anniversary at a special evening at The Edison Ballroom in New York.

Peter co-founded WITNESS in 1992 with the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (now Human Rights First) and the Reebok Foundation for Human Rights, with the vision that video technology could be used as a tool for the advancement of human rights.

“In this age, when the mass media rest in fewer and fewer hands, we must have strong, vital, independent voices if we ever want to hear all the stories or seek justice. We have an incredible opportunity to change lives.” – Peter Gabriel

Little did the founders of WITNESS know at the time how important the development and proliferation of the mobile phone would be in putting video technology in people’s hands, but that access only enhances WITNESS’s vision for a future where anyone, anywhere can use video and technology safely, ethically, and effectively to create positive and lasting change.

You can read more about the 25th anniversary celebrations and the work of WITNESS here

25 years of making human rights change happen all over the world
25 years of survivors’ stories turned into powerful tools for justice
25 years of exposing the truth; amplifying voices, and changing lives
25 years of pushing the boundaries of video and technology in service of human rights.

Pre mobile phone video camera in action at Human Rights Now 1986 ©Armando Gallo